6 Questions and Metrics to Track to Keep Users at the Top of Your Priority List

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Building a Progressive Web App (PWA) on the Lumavate Platform is the first step to being successful in the digital space, and it’s super easy (have we mentioned that recently)? Once your app is built it is important to track its progress and be thinking of your users along the way.  So we have pulled together six questions to ask yourself to keep your user in mind when thinking about your app! Who is the app for? It is important to always keep your users and who they are at the top of your mind, this way you can tailor your app to their needs. Who are your users, what demographic do they fall into? Is your audience busy parents juggling soccer practice, jobs, and a social life or are you geared more towards young adults navigating the first professional job, furnishing their first apartment, and debating if they should really get that cute puppy on the adoption site? Knowing your audience will help you speak to the things they care about.  Watch out for the users by city data point, it could help you gain insight into your audience base and who they are.  How familiar and loyal are the targeted app users? Getting users to active the app is one hurdle, the next is creating a great user experience once their eyes are on you. Is your app the first time these users will be introduced to your brand? Or are you expecting them to activate your app with an understanding and a love for what you do? Thinking about this is key to knowing if you need to spend time gaining your users’ trust or if you already have it and can jump to the middle of the conversation with them.  Don’t forget to check in on the new vs returning data point to see if your users are first-timers or building a strong relationship.  What will users expect from the app? Meeting and exceeding your users’ expectations is key to building trust and a good relationship. Knowing what your users expect from their first visit will help you build a roadmap for what needs to be added now and what can wait until later. This will also help you map out what is needed from your internal team to keep the app at its best. As we always say, you should always be updating and iterating your app!  Keep an eye on the most viewed pages data set. Your users will tell you what they want you just have to know what you’re looking for.  Where will users be when they activate the app? This seems like a question to gloss over but it’s got a lot of important information about your users in the answer. Do you expect your users to access your app in a store while they’re looking at a shelf with your product as well as your competitors? Or will they be opening it at their child’s soccer game where the wifi is not great? Will they be at home where they have access to their phone, tablet, and even a laptop? Knowing where your users are will help you create a more effective activation strategy. Will a link really help a dad trying to figure out which soccer field the game is on, or will a QR Code get him the info he needs faster? Meeting your customers where they are plays an important role in your activation strategy and the priority of the content.  The king data point to watch here is the device type. Are you users mainly on mobile or are they at home on a laptop? When will they need this app? This question falls in tandem with where will they be but it is no less important. Thinking about when they will active your app can provide insight into their emotional investment in your brand. Did something trigger them to think of you, did they see your content, or have they been thinking about converting to your brand for a while and they’re finally ready to make the jump?  A key data point to watch here is the Average Session Duration. Are you users getting stuck on a certain page? Depending on the page that could be good or bad. Let your users show you where they are.  Why would they come back? A repeat customer is a good customer in most situations and we want to help you get more of them. First make the decision, is your app designed to be used once or multiple times? If its goal is to have returning users make sure you’re always feeding the beast and creating new and diverse content to keep the users coming back for more.  The data point to keep an eye on here is the new vs returning customers. If your content is good and exciting soon you’ll see the returning customer data point grow bigger than the new! Customers are the reason marketers spend so much time creating and updating their strategies. If you are keeping your customer in mind throughout the process and using the data wisely you’re bound to see your PWA activations sky rocket!

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