November Releases: Thankful for Great Updates!

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Nov 30, 2021

This November we have plenty to be thankful for here at Lumavate! While we were passing the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving we are thinking about how thankful we are to put out such good releases this month. So make yourself Ross Geller’s famous Thanksgiving Leftover “Moist Maker Sandwich” and let’s recap the great releases in November! A Full Dinner Table! Hurry and pull up a chair to see all of the great new Components hitting the Lumavate Library! We all know Thanksgiving is all about filling your plate and now you can fill your apps with great new eye-catching Components too! Dazzle your app users like it’s the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade with three different variations of Flashcards! This dynamic Component packs a lot of punch with text and images! Keep everyone organized during meal prep with Completed Checklist. This logic will move an item that has been completed to the bottom of the list without you having to lift a finger! We know you are always looking for feedback from your dinner guests - I mean app users, so Dynamic Form makes it easy to gather it. Don’t forget about Form Field: Rich Text, creating forms just get even easier! No Naps in Front of the TV This Year! We’ve got some on-demand training videos that will keep you up even once the Turkey’s L-tryptophan starts to kick in! We know you’re busy between the Westminster Dog Show news and cleaning up all of the dishes so these training videos are quick and you can watch them when you have time! Our newest additions to the training library helps you work smarter not harder with your apps! Setting Up Form Logic helps you create the perfect form for any situation and keep the information you are receiving streamlined. Including Calendly in You Apps helps users get in touch with you with just a few clicks. Wow your users while eliminating work on your side! That’s a wrap on November’s release but you know when we tugged on the Wish-Bone we wished for more great releases in December!

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