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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Nov 2, 2021

If you’re like me you’re always looking for the next big thing, the next hot trend. You probably abandoned your favorite skinny jeans for straight leg and started center parting your hair the second you heard it was cool (Thanks TikTok). Marketing trends change almost as fast as fashion trends and we’ve got the hot new look for your content.  I know you’ve tried the salmon bowl so let’s try the next hot thing in marketing, a Progressive Web App (PWA), and you’re going to build it! That might sound intimidating but Lumavate’s no-code app-building platform makes it easier than a TikTok dance! Yes, you read that right, you can build an app with no code On top of building an app without code, we also accelerated the process with Starter Kits. We’ve developed a few Starter Kits with you in mind. Because here at Lumavate, we love seeing marketers build something amazing!  The Name Says It All! content1 Two of our most popular Starter Kits cut to the chase with their names, Content and Content 2.0 Starter Kit! We know you’ve got tons of great content and you’re just dying to put it in the hands of mobile obsessed users. These Starter Kits have all of the best Components to make your content stand out from the rest. Embed YouTube Videos, dedicate entire pages to your buzzworthy social channels, and show off your never-ending resources. You’ve got your hands in a lot of different pots when it comes to your content, collect it all into one place for a single show-stopping spot for your users! We’re All Ears! You’ve put a lot of time into building an amazing podcast, and while we love the classic Field of Dreams “If you build it they will come,” we know that is not how it works. Show off all your amazing podcast episodes, behind-the-scenes sneak peeks, and guest bios with a PWA! Don’t send your listeners into the wild world that is their Spotify account where they can get distracted by a new single from Adele or Taylor Swift at any moment. Keep them focused on your content with the Podcast Content and Podcast Guest Starter Kits!  These Starter Kits make it easy to embed your episodes right into the app. Integrate with Spotify, SoundCloud, Casted, or Libsyn! You can even list multiple episodes on a page, creating the perfect playlist! Show off all you have to offer as a guest by featuring bio information and other podcasts you’ve been on. Soon your users will be heading to your PWA first thing for their favorite audio content.  Let’s Get Together! Internal Event Starter Kit If Covid taught us anything it’s that we don’t have to get together to be together (I’m looking at you Zoom) but sometimes it’s still nice to get together. It’s a funny time for events, some are opting to stay virtual and others are embracing seeing people in the flesh again. If your event is in person or still finding its groove virtually like you’re contestants on Netflix’s The Circle, we have the PWA for you! Our Virtual Event and Internal Event Starter Kits will wow your audience with how easy they are to use and how sleek and high-tech they feel. Keep everyone in the loop by consolidating all of the speaker information, timelines, and maps into one spot. If you’re virtual keep users in one spot by embedding Facebook Live speakers into your app. Gone are the days of searching through email after email trying to finger out if you should be in Conference Room A or B! If we’ve learned anything from Stephanie Baiocchi’s episode of Real Marketers, it’s that your event needs to have a “wow” factor.  Why Content Marketer Should Build Apps You might be thinking, “I’m a content marketer, not a developer. So why should I build an app?” Before a no-code mobile app platform like Lumavate, this was kind of true. But we’ve made app building as easy as creating an Instagram ad using your favorite graphic design platform.  Content marketers are all about captivating their audiences’ attention. And a branded mobile app does just that. One of my favorite things about a PWA is the ability for users to save the app on their home screens (without the app store download). Your brand can always be top of mind for your loyal podcast listeners!  Let’s take blogging as an example. There are over 600 million blogs on the internet, according to 99 Firms. As much as we would love to believe our readers run to our blog each week to read the latest posts, that doesn’t always happen. Life usually gets in the way and we forget to catch up on a blog post that piqued our interest. Having a mobile app that can be constantly updated with the latest content is the way to make sure your blog is just a tap away for readers! Jump into your Studio and find the perfect fit for you! Copy a Starter Kit, customize it to fit your brand, switch out a few links and you’ll be the next hot trendsetter!

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