Design Gallery


Welcome to our Design Gallery! We’ve curated a collection of our favorite app pages to inspire you when you’re designing your own app in the Lumavate Studio.

In addition to providing inspiration, the Design Gallery provides instructions on how to build each of the page designs in the Lumavate Studio empowering you to bring these designs to life in your own app!

pictures of phones in design gallery
Custom Components

Page Design Inspirations

Now that you’re familiar with how Components works in the Studio it’s time to talk about how you assemble them to create a beautiful and engaging page design. While you can have literally unlimited design possibilities using Components in the Lumavate Library, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite page designs to give you some app design inspiration. Let’s take a look at how these page designs can be used in your apps. 

Collapsible Navigation
Multiple Column
Content Cards
Interactive Image
mixed content
speaker bios
video library
welcome slides