Product Marketers: Creating a Digital Strategy that Works

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Dec 9, 2021

As digital marketers, we’re all trying to find the perfect strategy. Sadly, there is no special sauce, nothing you can sprinkle on your computer to make all of your customers helplessly fall in love with your brand but there are a few things you can focus on that will get you to where you want to go faster.  Buckle Up For The Journey The first idea to iron out when building a digital strategy is what is the customer journey and really be honest with yourself, and your team about what it looks like and how it can be improved.  The four pit stops in the customer journey are awareness, consideration, decision, and loyalty. First, is your customer base aware of you, have they heard your name before, maybe seen your marketing in passing? Do they have an idea of what you’re all about? Once they’ve got that down they’ll move into consideration. Is your brand right for them, could you fill a need or relieve a pain point for them? Once they’ve considered you fully they will move into the decision. Is this the right brand for me? Hopefully, the shout from the mountain tops YES! Then they will move into loyalty. This is the stage when they will become die-hard fans, singing your praises to anyone who will listen.  At a glance, the customer journey seems straightforward and easy but now comes the hard part, being honest with yourself. Your team needs to take a good hard look at your customer journey and figure out where you can improve. Where are the customers falling off the journey? Are they getting to a certain point and trailing off? What does success look like and are you constantly hitting the benchmarks you’ve outlined for yourself?  We’re All People Once you’ve had a good long look in the mirror, it’s time to take what you’ve learned and put it into action. Always remember we’re all people and we all have goals. Keeping this in mind will help humanize your brand and your marketing. People like working with people, not bots. Nowadays, customers are expecting personalized communication and the first step is to reach out to them when they need you. Learn to anticipate their needs. Establish a mutual comminative relationship. Make sure your brand fits into their life and you are helping them achieve their goals. If they feel like you’re there for them, they’ll be more open with you about how they are feeling about your brand. Communication is a two-way street! If Your Customers are Ready to DTR, Don’t Ghost Keeping communication open is key to building loyalty to your brand. Don’t trail off communication after a purchase is made or the onboarding process is complete. There are so many ways to engage your audience from live chat to simple surveys, to quick videos you’re sure to find the method that resonates with your customers. We’ve even heard that 7/10 customers will leave a review if they’re asked, especially if it is a light lift on their end.  Feedback straight from the user's mouth is pretty much gold. It can help you gain all sorts of information from just a quick gut check to a lengthy review of your product.  Look At The Numbers Qualitative feedback like reviews and testimonials are great but don’t forget to look at the cold hard numbers. Google Analytics is a great way to track the numbers from page views, to how long a customer stays on that page. This data will prove you’re moving the needle.  It’s easy to think there is a magic needle in the haystack but in reality, you’ve just got to listen to your customers, anticipate and track your progress, and soon you’ll be seeing the results you’re looking for.  

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