2021 Release Recap: Lumavate Won in 2021

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Dec 23, 2021

It was a big year here at Lumavate! We were very busy making apps and improving our platform so that you can do the same. We love offering a no-code solution for your Progressive Web App needs and in 2021 we worked hard to better serve you! Let’s Look at the Numbers In 2021… The Year of the Lumavate Library This past summer we turned on the hyper-focus to beef up our library of Components. Our developers really wowed us by adding 76 Components to our library in 2021 leaving us with over 150 Components for you to add to your apps. Not to mention we updated a lot of our favorites because we know we can always be improving.  Some of our favorites to hit the Component Selector are Save to Homescreen, Side by Side Card, Line, Blank, Simple Survey, and Interactive Map! Never Stop Improving Just like we are always adding to the Component selector we are continuing to improve our Platform too!! This year we had four changes that were big game-changers. We added help content directly into the Studio in March. Forms became much easier and dynamic in September. We added a service status page in October because we know transparency is key to earning your trust. The latest killer addition is Docs, just a few weeks ago. We know the value of having content centralized and streamlined! Jump Start with Starter Kits Building an app can feel scary that’s why we love our Starter Kits. They can help you see how our Components work together to build an amazing app and inspire you along the way. We might even have a Starter Kit with your perfect use case that just needs a few tweaks before it is ready to be Published. We are always thinking of how we can better serve you that’s why we added 37 Starter Kits this year!  Some of our favorites were Return to Work, Marketing Agency, Content 2.0, Spokesperson Profile, and Capital Campaign! Copy one or all of our Starter Kits into your Studio to see what all they can do! Added to Your Queue We really believe in our platform and we believe anyone can build an app but we understand that you might need help from time to time. That’s why we’ve added 38 training videos to our help content this year. We know sometimes the best way to learn is to hear and watch step-by-step instructions. We want to give you the tools to be successful in our platform! Some of our favorites were Designing App Pages, Including Audio in your Apps, Setting Up Logic, and Upgrading your Subscription Plan.  What a year it’s been at Lumavate! We’re proud of the work we’ve done this year and we can wait to see what great updates come in 2022! See you then! 👋

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