5 Benefits of Personalized Internal Communications

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Communicating with your employees is essential. It is imperative that the leadership team is able to communicate effectively and easily to ensure all aspects of a business run smoothly. With all of the noise of email, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle.  A report by Radicati Group shared that business users are sending and receiving on average 120 emails every day. This means your employees’ inboxes are constantly inundated with new messages making it easy for internal communications to fall through the cracks. Or worse, making it easy for internal communications to fall to the bottom of the to-do list and eventually off the table altogether.  There is a better way, enter personalized internal communications

Top 5 Benefits of Personalized Internal Communications

1. One Spot for Everything A personalized internal communications solution will streamline the content creation and distribution processes for your team. With an internal communications solution, authors can create content and save articles until they are ready for review. Editors can review and approve articles, streamlining the publishing process. Editors can also reject articles and provide feedback to authors, punting articles back to an author to revise. This collaboration inside a single solution ensures teams can track the status of every article. No more sorting through Google Drive or shared internal folders to find the most recent version of the article that needs to be sent out yesterday.  A single internal communications solution will eliminate the need for your team to bounce between systems and ensure they don’t lose track of edits. Store everything in one spot and ensure critical internal communications get out in a timely manner. 2. Work Smarter Workflows can be set up to ensure the correct team members are editing the right content. Avoid confusion among teams on who needs to review which piece of content. In the event a team member is out of the office, a workflow can be created to delegate the review to another authorized team member. This way nothing is missed and your teammate can enjoy their time off.  With an internal communications solution, articles can be scheduled to publish on a certain date and time, allowing your team to work ahead of deadlines. Articles can also be published immediately for times when urgent notifications are required. 3. Control Who Gets What Not every employee needs to get every update. Your internal communications team does not want to contribute to the overflowing inboxes and missed messages. Your employees are already struggling to keep up with all the information coming their way; don’t add to the problem. With an internal communications solution, your team can ensure employees get a personalized feed of company updates. Every employee creates a unique profile opting in to receive content based on their needs, such as their role, region, or department. Employees can also select whether they want to receive text updates for urgent alerts. By providing employees with a truly personalized experience, they will trust that the information sent to them is meant for them. 4. Engage Contractors and Hourly Employees Engaging with contractors, and factory or shift workers is a massive challenge for many businesses. Typically these employees don’t have a company email, don’t have a company-issued device, and don’t spend time during the workday consuming company updates. Providing these vitally important employees with the information they need to stay compliant, informed, and engaged with the company is easier with a digital experience. There is no app to download and little friction in getting them to click a link. An internal communications solution, like Lumavate, enables companies to securely communicate with employees who don’t have a company email. By providing these employees with a digital experience that is secured through email authentication, the company can allow all employees to access internal information via their personal email addresses. This allows all employees to receive the same personalized communications. 5. Get Out of the Inbox With an internal communications solution, employees will have a single source of truth to stay up to date on all company announcements. With a solution like Lumavate, employees are able to set their communication preferences. Employees can opt-in to receive urgent text alerts. News of naming a new marketing director can be published to the employees’ update feed, but the closure of the office due to inclement weather should be sent as a text to ensure your team sees it before they get in their car. Since 95 percent of mobile messages are read within three minutes, text alerts are an incredibly effective communication tool.  By implementing an internal communications solution you can streamline work for your team, engage all employees with a personalized experience, and meet your employees where they want to receive updates.   Learn more about Lumavate’s internal communications solution. Book a demo today!

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