Benefits of Versioning

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by Nick Brems | Last Updated: Mar 8, 2023

Tell me if this sounds familiar.  You are about to hop on a zoom call with a very important client. When you open the meeting link, you are immediately alerted that you must install a “very important update,” which causes you to run late for your meeting.  How about after Apple or Instagram forces a new update on your phone? Navigation is difficult, and the updated user interface (UI) is laughable and frustrating, causing a subpar user experience. As of February 28, 2023, Zoom had already logged 22 software releases for the year. Twenty-two releases within the first 58 days of the year; that’s averaging one release every two to three days. Software companies put a tremendous amount of resources into creating amazing products that build a cult-like customer following.  While software can create a utopia for users, it comes at a cost. Product enhancements, operating system (OS) updates, and hardware upgrades mean constant change for customers. Potentially turning a user’s utopia into a dystopia.  According to a study done by students at Princeton University and UC Berkeley:   It’s like that old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” After all the headaches, all of the updates and enhancements, more often than not, the updates weren’t worth the effort. That’s why versioning is so powerful! Versioning, as defined by Tech Target, is the creation and management of multiple product releases, all of which have the same general function, but are improved, upgraded, or customized. Versioning often relates to product changes that are not essential changes to the product, but rather small tweaks to improve the functionality. Whether that is a bug fix or the physical layout of a component, versioning ensures that these updates do not break the core functionality of the software.  There are many benefits to using versioning, which is why Lumavate is proud to include versioning within the Lumavate Studio.


Total Customer Transparency A major benefit of versioning is the amount of transparency the consumer receives. When a new version for a product is released, the changes and fixes listed will most likely be provided in the company's document history. This will indicate if you really want to update your product or not. If it does not pertain to anything that concerns you, you don't need to update it. It's really that simple.  Lumavate’s versions are broken down by Branding, Page Builder, and Component Set. This allows Studio users to see what updates are available to front-end design elements and page functionality. Update Your System on Your Time Software companies that don’t practice versioning will either automatically update overnight without the user’s consent, or the program will cease to work until a user has updated to the latest version. As noted above, this is often a headache for consumers. Versioning puts the user in the driver’s seat and lets them select when they want to update their software. If the releases are scheduled, and release notes are transparent and accurate, the customer can confidently update when they desire.  When an update is released, Lumavate makes the new version available in each customer’s Studio. This empowers customers to control when they update each digital experience within their Studio. Lumavate also allows customers to downgrade versions, meaning if a customer is unsatisfied with an upgrade, they can easily revert to a previous version.  As consumers, you want software that is going to work for you, not against you. Lumavate strives to be simple to use, and even easier to manage. Versioning is the best way to give customers control, and Lumavate recognizes that. Scheduled and Predictable Releases If versioning is done right, it should be very predictable for the user to know when an update will occur. Software developers are constantly working on the product to ensure it is the best version of itself. There is often a schedule that can be followed so you know when to check release notes and see what changes were made to the platform. Here at Lumavate, we release brand-new content every two weeks! Some releases are massive platform updates, or product improvements, while others are smaller updates with minor bug fixes. Lumavate practices effective versioning to make sure when you use the platform, every other week, there is a new update for you to look into.  Create an account today to see just how easy versioning can make your life.

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