How Marketers Can Use ChatGPT

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by Audrey Hollingshead | Last Updated: Mar 10, 2023

The moment companies began to automate their processes people worried they’d soon be out of the job. People working blue-collar jobs worried so much that no one even thought about white-collar jobs.  White-collar jobs were considered too creative. Artificial intelligence (AI) couldn’t create anything comparable to Shakespeare or the Mona Lisa. If they did it was usually easy to tell at first glance. The AI art would look close to something real, but then you’d see a missing hand or eye and know it was AI generated. That is if you even got a recognizable image at all that wasn’t a blobby mess.  AI written content wasn’t that much better in the beginning. It could start writing about the subject you wanted, then veer off into something unrelated or offensive. Like the AI bot Tay by Microsoft. It was released on Twitter in 2016. Tay’s tweets went from “Hello world!!!” to siding with Hitler incredibly fast and was quickly taken down.  But then in November of 2022 a new AI option appeared. ChatGPT not only wrote intelligent content quickly, the content didn’t read like it was AI written. It had a more human feel.  ChatGPT was so impressive that Microsoft invested billions in OpenAI. Suddenly people with creative careers worried they’d soon be out of the job.  I didn’t worry as much because I see ChatGPT as a tool rather than a replacement. John Oliver agreed on his recent episode of Last Week Tonight. As he explained it, ChatGPT is a narrow AI. It can only perform one task at a time, isn’t self-aware, and lacks the ability to become self-aware. Artificial General Intelligence, like the kind seen in the movie Her, is decades away.  So how can content creators and marketers use AI? 

How Marketers Can Take Advantage of ChatGPT

There are many ways that marketers and content creators can collaborate with AI. 

Break Writer’s Block

Suppose you’re trying to market a new product information management (PIM) system such as a product description for a new product. You know the new product is great, but for some reason, you can’t come up with good content to market it.  You can use ChatGPT to generate new ways to talk about your product and possibly get content ideas. 

Generate New Suggestions

ChatGPT can do more than just help ease writer’s block. It could even come up with a whole new product line.  Holo Taco nail polish owner Cristine Rotenberg asked the AI to generate new ideas for her holographic polishes. She was pretty impressed with what it came up with. The collection it suggested had a description of its overall theme, named each nail polish, and described it as well. The suggested collection was also inline with her brand and resembled collections she’s launched before. 

Find Ways to Explain Complex Topics

Often when we work with certain content we assume others are familiar with it. Then we suddenly mention it to non-industry people and they look at us confused.  ChatGPT could help you break down complex topics into something simple and easy to read. 

Translate Text

If you’re working with a language you’re not familiar with, Chat GPT can translate the text for you. It can be full paragraphs or a sentence or two. 

Never Use Generated Text Word-For-Word

Before using whatever ChatGPT generates there are a few things you should do.

Verify All Information

Cristine from Holo Taco got some great nail polish suggestions. But before she puts the work into making these polishes, she needs to check that these ideas haven’t been done before. If they have, she’ll need to tweak them to make them unique.  This is the same for anything else ChatGPT generates. You need to ensure what it gave you is accurate and feasible. Especially if you’ve used the AI to translate text. Find someone who’s familiar with the language and see if the translation is correct. You don’t want to use text that may contain misleading or offensive language just because you let the chatbot do all the work. 


While it’s true Google will soon have its own ChatGPT compatible, it doesn’t like AI generated text. Websites that have AI written text will rank lower than sites with organic-human-written text. That’s why it’s best to take the written content you get from any AI you use and rewrite it.  When you’re done, use the Text Compare! website to check how close it is. This tool will tell you how similar the reworked text is to the original. 

ChatGPT Is a Tool, Nothing More

AI currently available is narrow AI. It’s not capable of replacing anyone’s job yet. But it can be a great collaboration tool. We just have to ensure we’re verifying everything AI generates and rewrite it as needed. 

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