5 Industries that Can Benefit from Using a No Code Web App Builder

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jun 25, 2020

A great magician never reveals their secrets, right? Well, it’s time to end the illusion...building your own mobile app can drive major results for your business. We spend 90 percent of our screen time in mobile apps. It’s time to stop thinking of mobile apps as just a place we go to scroll through social media. Let’s take a look at five industries that can benefit from using a no code web app builder. CPG Does anyone actually read instructions anymore? No! We go straight to YouTube to find videos on how to set up our product. Wouldn’t it be nice if instead of going to YouTube, consumers went to your mobile app to find product-related information? By partnering with an app builder, you can create a content hub for your brand’s products. Are you looking to stand out in aisles? You can create a near-field communication (NFC) experience for consumers to tap to access more information about the product. Or maybe you’ve heard consumers are looking to be more loyal this year? Building an app with a mobile app builder will have shoppers coming back to check on their orders and earn rewards. Retail It seems like every week we hear about a major retailer filing for bankruptcy. Part of that reason is these brands have failed to adopt new technology..like a Progressive Web App (PWA). It’s no secret that consumers are wanting to shop from the comfort of their own sofas these days. A web application builder can prevent your business from waving the white flag. PWAs were the MVPs of mobile eCommerce during the 2019 holiday season -  Smartphones attributed to 84 percent of the 2019 holiday season eCommerce growth. Want to know a secret? Building a PWA with a PWA builder without coding knowledge isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. The average salary for an engineer with a specific skill set in iOS development is $116,024. Because developing a PWA isn’t going to break the bank, we recommend not partnering with a free web app builder. Not even the best free no code app builder will provide users with an engaging shopping experience. Healthcare Going to the doctor isn’t exactly the most relaxing experience - especially if you’re visiting a doctor in a new campus. Mitigate this anxiety by creating a wayfinding app using a web application builder. Not only will using a no code app builder help your patients, but your colleagues will thank you too. There are plenty of no code tools that make it easy for your team to learn how to create a web-based database, which makes it easy to sort through hundreds of patients’ information quickly. Financial Services News flash: mobile banking is having quite the year. While many of us are still wary of coming into contact with shared surfaces, banks are rising to the challenge of providing their customers with a safe and secure method of banking. Some of the best no code platforms provide features for you to add budgeting tools like calculators, spending trackers, and account analysis. Bonus: with a mobile app, your customers can easily chat with a financial advisor without having to leave their homes. It almost makes banking fun. Manufacturing I’m going to go out on a limb here and say most of you reading this haven’t registered a product in years. We’ve got better things to do with our time (like play Animal Crossing) and the process is usually long. But what if I told you there was a better way to drive higher registration rates? You’ll finally be able to strengthen your relationship with customers when you develop a seamless onboarding experience for them using the best no code app builder. But that’s not all. You can provide customers real value with your mobile app by sending service reminders and other product-specific content. Ready to unlock your potential with a web app builder no code? Check out the different activation methods there are with PWAs with this infographic.

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