3 Types of Apps Can You Build Using a No Code App Builder

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Have you heard of the term, “analysis paralysis?” I recently experienced it when I was picking out a new chair for my home office. I think I spent longer picking out an office chair than I did studying for a few exams in college. When you partner with a no code app builder, the possibilities of what you can make seem endless...which in hindsight is a good thing, but can make it a little overwhelming when you first get started. Let’s go over some options you have when building an app with a no code app builder. Internal Communication Raise your hand if you’ve ever “forgotten to read” a coworker’s email. Sometimes our day gets away from us and we’re rapidly approaching a deadline we need to make. Or sometimes the email is just too long and can’t be bothered to give it our undivided attention (plus we know it will just get recapped in next month’s company meeting). Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a world where internal communications weren’t an issue? Well, it can be by creating an internal communications app with no code app development platforms. Employees want information that’s relevant to them. By learning how to create app without coding skills, you provide your team with an app with a custom news feed. That way they don’t have to sort through an inbox that’s more cluttered than your garage. The average office employee receives approximately 100 emails per day. Your team will surely consider you to be the best interactive app builder if you can build a mobile app to solve this issue. Internal Trade Show I think it’s pretty safe to say none of us will be attending a trade show in the year 2020. But when things finally do start to go back to normal (fingers crossed), we’ll be able to start collecting swag again at trade shows (I’m in serious need of more chip-clips). Set yourself apart from the crowd by using app building software to create a mobile app for your business. Users can download your internal trade show app beforehand to receive directions to the exact location of where your booth will be. And having a trade show app is going to help you out too. Ditch the one-pagers (that no one reads if we’re being honest) and create digital content attendees can read on the flight home. Wayfinding If I were to start counting up the number of times I’ve gotten lost in an unfamiliar airport or sporting venue, I would quickly run out of digits. No one wants to be running like an Olympic marathoner through the airport trying to get to your connecting flight, only to realize you were headed the wrong way and have to turn around (not that I know from experience or anything). Creating a wayfinding app could eliminate this embarrassing (and exhausting) experience we’ve all been in. You get to control the experience of creating the mobile app rather than relying on a third party. You might even want to create a fun scavenger hunt along the way! But if you are in the market for a no code mobile app builder, one thing to consider is if the platform delivers Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). No one wants to take the time to download a native mobile app for a one-time event. With a PWA builder, users can create apps that you can text, scan, or tap to access the mobile experience. Lumavate is a great example of a no code web app builder, if you want to get started today. Don’t Get Fooled If you’re like me, you’re probably going to want to start your search for the best no code platforms after reading about how you can build app without code. Don’t fall for the trap of choosing a free no code app builder just because the price tag. While you can probably create an app easily with their platform, you’ll lack the same functionality you could get if you invested in a no code platform. Our recommendation? Set aside money in your budget to allocate money towards the best no code app builder. Trust us, it’s worth it. Looking for more tips on how to create a mobile app? Check out our Mobile Design Swipe File for trends you’ll want to be aware of before you start your next mobile marketing project.  

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