Tuesday, May 7, 2019

9 PWA Champs You Should Be Following on Twitter

With so many innovations and rising technologies in the marketing space and specifically in the mobile marketing space, it’s a good idea to follow some of the thought leaders that provide great information on Progressive Web Apps and mobile. I rounded up a list of eight awesome leaders that are experts all things PWA , and if you give them a follow, you’re sure to learn something new about mobile. In no particular order, some of our favorite PWA champions are listed below with their stats and fun highlights.

  1.  David Brunelle (@davidbrunelle)

As Starbucks’ Director of Product Engineering, David’s team was tasked with creating a PWA for Starbucks that would work to replace their previous Windows app and lead to better mobile engagement outside of their iOS native mobile app, plus create a solution for low-connectivity users. His team discovered that their PWA was the perfect blend (coffee pun, yes!) for the brand’s needs.


  • Starbucks’ PWA saw a 2 percent increase in daily active users.
  • David’s a true self-starter in the development space. He leads mobile engineering for Starbucks today after working his way up without the traditional computer science degree you see in most developers. He shares some great thoughts on leadership, too!

   2.  Zack Argyle (@zackargyle)

Zack’s currently at Facebook, but was most recently Pinterest’s PWA leader and the chief facilitator of creating better mobile experiences for the popular board-based social media. Pinterest started looking at PWAs when they realized that their website was performing slow on mobile and that only 1 percent of their site visitors converted to app installs. Zack’s team was able to use developing technologies in mobile at Pinterest to create a site that now sees more than 27 percent growth of users in the last year.


  • Zack’s twitter consists of a lot of fun gaming content (like his wife’s recent birthday present of a D&D poster featuring his family as characters in the popular fantasy game) as well as awesome mobile tech updates.
  • We’re keeping an eye on his account as he brings the knowledge of PWAs to the Facebook team. Will there be a Facebook PWA soon? Keeping our fingers crossed!

 3. Maximiliano Firtman (@firt)

Maximiliano’s one of the best proponents of PWA technology — he’s based in Buenos Aires and consistently gives lectures all over the world that focuses on his background on developing high performance mobile web. He’s a published author and consistently posts knowledge on issues with code bases, native mobile, and more.


  • If you’re a Spanish-speaker or a big fan of using Google Translate, Maximiliano has a more personal twitter account (@maxifirtman), where he talks about his travels, news, and more!

4. Stephanie Cox (@stephaniecox04)

Stephanie’s our very own PWA champion here at Lumavate HQ. As someone with an extensive background in mobile (she loves to say that she’s got the war wounds to prove it!), Stephanie’s worked in mobile at companies like Project Lead the Way, ExactTarget and eventually Salesforce before landing here at Lumavate.  


  • Stephanie hosts a podcast called Mobile Matters that interviews guests about their experiences in mobile, marketing, and new types of tech like PWAs.
  • The podcast has featured other champs for PWAs like the “Father of PWAs” at Google, Alex Russell, as well as another major proponent for progressive mobile, Jeff Burtoft from Microsoft.

5. Chris Love (@ChrisLove)

Chris’ background at Microsoft and now his own dev shop that focuses on PWA and SEO development gives him a major experience in the PWA space. He puts out some great content on his blog and on twitter about PWAs and native mobile and the technical considerations behind PWA tech.


  • His recently posted blogpost looked at why music giant Spotify now should be using PWA in lieu of a native mobile app after a battle with Apple’s App Store is a unique perspective in defense of PWAs. Check it out to see the drama!

6. Eric Erway (@ericerway)

Eric’s got some hot takes on PWA and mobile tech. He’s a major thought leader at Magento with experience from Dell Technologies and AOL, that leans towards agile mobile in the retail and merchant spaces.


  • He speaks at several events throughout the year on mobile-optimized experiences, and even hosts a Magento PWA Community Meeting on Fridays, that’s open for public comment.
  • He loves a good puppy April Fools Prank. Who doesn’t?!

7. Suzanne Scacca (@SEScacca)

Suzanne’s background in freelance web design and writing has given her a unique edge on just why she loves progressive web apps so much! Her Twitter feed features some awesome articles on PWA technology, plus some great resources on SEO, mobile design, and developing for mobile.


  • In March, Suzanne wrote a feature for Smashing Magazine that focuses in on the customer issues, ROI, and costs of developing native mobile vs. a progressive web app– check it out to compare app systems for your own brand!

8. Mike Hartington (@mhartington)

Seemingly always posting on Twitter, Mike’s a comedic, sometimes R-rated, developer at Ionic that’s always giving great advice. Whether that’s professional and culture-centric or diving into the technical talk behind progressive web, having Mike on your timeline is a great way to see more developer chat with lighthearted quips.


  • Need an idea of what conferences will be focusing on progressive web? Mike speaks at several U.S.-based conferences and lists the details on his Twitter. Score!
  • His beard has it’s very own twitter account. Check it out all of the funny tweets here!

9. Alex Russell  (@slightlylate)

Alex is a software engineer at Google and is the brains behind PWA technology. He and some friends began working on a web-based application system that eventually turned into what we now know as PWAs…so we have to recognize him here, of course!


  • Alex was a guest on the Mobile Matters podcast (find the episode here!) where he chats about the backstory of how PWAs came to be. It’s a must-listen!
  • He also answers tons of questions on dev-related resources, new developments in PWA tech, and sometimes shouts out a brand or two using PWAs.

If Twitter isn’t your forte for consuming PWA content, don’t fret! We have plenty of PWA-focused content. Just use this link to check out content like blog posts, eBooks, guides, and more that’ll satisfy your progressive mobile appetite.