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Episode #016: Jeff Burtoft, Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft

For years, there has been a gap between what’s possible on the web and native mobile apps. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are changing all of that. In fact, PWAs are significantly reducing the functionality gap between native mobile apps and the web by making more and more possible on the web. In this episode of Mobile Matters, we talk to the Principal Program Manager Lead at Microsoft, Jeff Burtoft, about why Microsoft made PWAs part of their overall strategy, how to get a PWA in the Microsoft Store, and what’s next for PWAs to drive even further adoption.

Key Takeaways

  1. Progressive Web Apps are one of the hottest topic in mobile and web right now and Microsoft has made them a strategic part of their overall strategy.
  2. Even if you’re adamant on having an app in the app store, then you have options with PWAs. Both the Microsoft Store and Google Play have created a process to add PWAs to their app stores.
  3. Make sure you take your business goals into consideration before you start building your first PWA. This is a critical step in ensuring your PWA delivers the results you want and has a stellar user experience.

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