Why a No Code Mobile App Builder Is Better for Enterprise Organizations

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Enterprise organizations don’t always have a reputation for moving fast. But a recent trend for many of these larger businesses is to take app development into their own hands. Is your organization in the midst of pivoting its mobile marketing strategy? Take a look at why a no code app builder is better for enterprise organizations. We’re Busy, Come Back Later Doesn’t it seem like your computer only has technical issues when you’re five minutes from giving a presentation or hopping on a conference call? I cannot tell you how many times I have had to sprint to IT’s office, pleading for them to solve my technical issues. And because of my ‘fortunate’ pattern of luck, I know having a good relationship with IT (and bribing them with candy) can usually move my space up in line one or two places. But sometimes not even the best candy bar in the world (it’s Reese’s by the way...no competition whatsoever) can move my help ticket up in line. I am not the only one who deals with temperamental technology in an organization. And in enterprise organizations, it could be weeks before IT can get to your help request. Marketers, let’s admit we go a little rogue sometimes. We know we will probably be at the receiving end of a few scoffs when we march into IT’s office with a desperate attempt to get a mobile app or frankly any project built in a short timeframe. So what do we do? We take matters into our own hands (no matter how frowned this is in the handbook) and search for“how to create an app for my business” on Google. When the search results seem endless for companies that all claim to be the “best no code mobile app builder,” our minds start racing. We know IT hasn’t approved this software, but we also know we need to partner with a business app builder if we want to roll out the mobile app we’ve been dreaming of. Do We Dare? Depending on marketing’s risk level in the organization, they have one of two options. They could use a company claiming to be the best free no code app builder and not tell IT. Unapproved software may have holes within the software, making it easy for hackers to steal confidential information. If marketing decides to forgo their ‘best no code platforms’ search, then the enterprise organization might struggle with other ways to engage with consumers on mobile. Partnering with a no code app builder solves these two issues. Marketing can build software without coding to their hearts’ content, while IT can sleep easy knowing there won’t be any security risks (coming from marketing at least 😇 ). Lost In Translation Marketing wears a lot of hats, one of them being solving internal communication issues. There will always be individuals who complain about receiving too many emails (and admitting they don’t read any of them) and those who complain about not receiving enough communication. When marketing gets the green light to partner with the best no code app builder, they can build an app employees can save on their home screens and opt-in to receive real-time alerts. Creating an internal communications app also means employees can have a personalized news feed, which makes it easy for individuals to sort through information relevant to them. Now, if we could just get people to read our brand guidelines...😫 Not Another Meeting 2020 has been a wild card. Employees are learning things we thought absolutely needed to be held in person can now be done virtually. Some companies, like Twitter, have even gone as far as announcing a ‘Work from home, forever’ option. Employees are learning how to adapt to these new circumstances (you’re welcome for not using the term ‘new normal’). With a no-code mobile app builder, app development no longer needs to take place in a conference room for hours. Individuals can work on their pages from the comfort of their own homes. Not only can you build an app from your couch (or the back of your car), no code platforms won’t require an all-day Zoom training session. Users can take advantage of the drag-and-drop capabilities of an interactive app builder, which officially makes app building easier than trying to build a desk for your new home office. It’s time for enterprise organizations to embrace where the future of mobile is headed with no code app development platforms. Want to learn more about mobile from some of the top enterprise leaders in the world? Take a listen to this episode of Mobile Matters, where listeners can discover some best practices for mobile.

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