Is Product Registration the Same as Warranty Registration?

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by Angela Shaffield | Last Updated: May 1, 2023

What Does Product Registration Mean?

Product registration usually refers to when the consumer provides their contact information to receive updates on recalls and safety notices. Consumers can usually register their products in one of three ways.
  1. Fill out a product registration card and mail it to the manufacturer.
  2. Search for a product registration form on the manufacturer’s website.
  3. Scan a QR code that is connected to a digital product registration form.
Many consumers don't have the time to complete a printed product registration card and mail it to the manufacturer. Searching for the product registration on the manufacturer’s website works for most people, but there's an even more effective way to capture product registrations. The most effective way of capturing product registrations is to make the product registration process as easy as possible. You can do this by incorporating a QR code into your product registration process. It is easier for consumers to scan a QR code that takes them exactly where they need to go than mailing in a printed product registration card. Using a tool like Lumavate, you can link a digital product registration form to a QR code. After consumers complete the product registration form you can take them to a product onboarding experience that will provide them with helpful content like user manuals and how-to videos. Plus, the information from the product registration form can be directly connected to your preferred customer relationship management (CRM) solution.

Is Product Registration the Same as Warranty Registration?

Product registration is the process of a customer providing their information to register their products. Warranty registration is when a consumer registers their product in order to receive a warranty from a manufacturer. Both occur when customers register their products. Warranty registration refers to the intent behind product registration.Technically, depending on the sort of warranty offered by the manufacturer, product registration and warranty registration might be different. To make the process easier for consumers, many of the manufacturers frequently incorporate product and warranty registration into one process.  The difference between product and warranty registration cards is slim to none. They ask for extremely similar information, if not identical.  Product and warranty registration cards often ask consumers for their: Manufacturers use this information to support consumers throughout the lifetime of their product. So it's important that this information can be accessed at a moment's notice. Lumavate can help you create a digital product registration form that integrates with your preferred CRM. This can ensure this information is always available to you and your team.

Is Warranty Registration Necessary?

This mostly relies on the product in question and the rules for its warranty. You might not need to complete a product registration for all products in order to benefit from a warranty, but for some products, you might. When purchasing a product that has warranty benefits, it is best to complete the product registration to ensure coverage. Product registration is necessary because:

Why Do Companies Want You to Register Your Products? 

Companies want consumers registering products so they can have a direct relationship with the consumer. Having good customer relationships boosts sales, maximizes customer satisfaction, provides priceless marketing, and supports employee morale. Manufacturers profit from product registration in the following ways: Interested in learning more about how you can use Lumavate to capture more product registrations? Book a demo to talk with one of our experts today!

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