What Is a Warranty Registration Card?

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Apr 28, 2023

You’ve just made a big purchase, possibly a new appliance like a dishwasher or refrigerator. You spent time researching products to make the best selection for you and you’re so excited to begin using it. Don’t go too fast that you forget important details. You don’t want to miss out on warranty benefits, safety information from the manufacturer, or better customer service.  Warranty registrations are important to open the lines of communication between customers and manufacturers. Registering a warranty not only provides the benefit of the warranty but also allows the manufacturer to share important product information with the customer. 

What Is a Warranty Registration Card?

Warranty registration cards are printed cards found in your product packaging prompting the consumer to register for warranty. By registering your warranty you are providing the manufacturer your contact information. Providing your contact information gives the company the ability to contact you with product information, recall notices, and promotional material. When information is released about your product you want to be in the know.  Some products do not have a warranty card for registration. It is possible your product’s warranty does not need to be registered to take full advantage of the warranty. It is important to know if your warranty needs to be registered or not so you don’t miss out on any of the benefits.  Registration cards are just one way manufacturer's prompt their customers to register their warranties. Some companies opt for an online registration pointing customers to a form on their website to register their products.  Other companies might prompt users with a QR code on the product or packaging taking the user to a digital experience to register their product. Oftentimes these experiences will populate the product name and the serial number.  

Is It Worth Registering Products?

There are many benefits that come when you register your product. Product registration opens the lines of communication between you and the manufacturer. Now that the manufacturer has your contact information they can share important information such as recalls on products, safety information. All important updates you don’t want to miss to keep yourself safe.  Manufacturers might also share onboarding information like how-to videos or owner’s manuals. Manufacturers want you to be successful with their products, registering your product gives them the opportunity to share helpful resources with you to make your life easier.  The manufacturer can also share special promotions and offers for your next purchase. The next time a project pops up on your to-do list or you need to make a big purchase check your inbox first. Chances are the manufacturer you’re learning to love and trust has sent you an offer already. Registering your products also streamlines customer support requests. When you provide who you are, what you purchased and when from the beginning the customer support team can hit the ground running when you call in with a question. They no longer need to spend time gathering basic information to help you. They have it at the ready and can jump into solving your issue. This saves you time and gets you back to enjoying the product.

What Does a Manufacturer’s Warranty Cover?

What is included in a manufacturer’s warranty can vary depending on the product and the manufacturer. Look into the details of your warranty to see what is included in the warranty, what specific requirements must be met to take advantage of the warranty and what is the length of the coverage.  Knowing the details of your warranty will help you take full advantage of it. Some products require warranty registration in order to activate the registry, you don’t want to miss important steps and miss out on coverage.

What Happens if You Don’t Register Your Warranty?

The answer to this question largely depends on the product and the manufacturer. Some products require you to register to take advantage of the warranty. In those situations, if you do not register your product or warranty you could be missing out on important coverage and support.  Some products do not require you to register the product or warranty to take advantage of it. This coverage is automatic with purchase.  It is a best practice to always register your products to ensure you are taking full advantage of the benefits provided by the manufacturer. If you are ever questioning if you need to register a product the safe bet is to register it.  If you are a manufacturer wanting to make the warranty registration process easier for your customers, check out this template by Lumavate.

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