What Is a Product Registration Card?

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by Angela Shaffield | Last Updated: Apr 30, 2023

What Does Product Registration Mean? 

Product registration is when a consumer gives the manufacturer their contact information to stay in the know with potential recalls or safety notices. Consumers can register their products online or by mailing in a product registration card. Product registration gives manufacturers a method to communicate with consumers, and address product issues quickly and effectively. Customers will also have a better experience as a result of being informed promptly about product changes, safety warnings, and other crucial information.  Many industries promote registration for their products. The industrial industry in particular. Their products are often sold to other businesses that need to be informed about potential recalls and safety notices. This information is essential to ensuring the customer is safe when using the product. Another industry that regularly uses product registration is considered. Consumers that buy considered products put a lot of thought and research into their decision to purchase. This makes a great opportunity to build brand loyalty with them. For example, a lawn mower company could provide the consumer with onboarding information on how to properly care for their lawnmower. The consumer could gain a better understanding of the types of landscapes the lawn mower can and cannot manage as a result.

What Is a Product Registration Card?

A product registration card, sometimes referred to as a warranty registration card, refers to a card that consumers fill out and mail to the manufacturer to register their product. It is possible to ship this printed card to the business without paying postage. The manufacturer’s website is another option when registering products. Consumers can submit their contact information online using the same main product registration form most of the time.  The most effective way to increase product registrations is a QR code-based online product registration process linked to the packaging. Due to the ability of customers to scan the QR, the process is the most seamless. Because it is easier to use, a digital product registration experience can encourage more product registrations. Customers have the option of accessing your product registration process online by clicking a link or by scanning a QR code. Using a platform like Lumavate, you can build a digital product registration experience and dynamically import consumer information into your chosen CRM. Lumavate's numerous integrations and other functionalities can be used to create an engaging product registration process.

Why Do Companies Want You to Register Your Products?

Manufacturers benefit when you register your products in the following ways: Product registration allows manufacturers to collect data such as the customer's name, email address, phone number, and serial or model number of the product. This data is often given to the business willingly by the consumers in order to receive communications about the product they purchased. Businesses can use this contact information to keep consumers up-to-date on promotional offerings. Yet, product registration can be beneficial to the consumer as well. The following are some ways that product registration benefits consumers:

How Do I Create a Digital Registration Form?

The best product registration experience is one that is convenient and accessible. Manufacturers can allow consumers to product registration online by adding a QR code either directly on the product or within the product's packaging. Since consumers are already connected to their phones all they would need to do to register their product is scan the QR code and fill out the form. Creating a digital registration form is not as daunting as it sounds. You can use a no-code tool like Lumavate to allow your customers to register their products online. Lumavate is a digital experience platform (DXP) that enables you to easily create a product registration form into your product onboarding experience. You can provide helpful content to your customers like how-to videos, manuals, and warranty information after they complete the product registration form. Lumavate also provides simple and easy-to-use templates to help you get started Interested in learning more about how Lumavate can help you create an engaging product registration experience? Book a demo and talk to one of our experts today!

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