Benefits of Learning How to Make an App Without Coding

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Oct 15, 2020

We all picked up many new skills during lockdown. Many people emerged as bread bakers, artists, or TikTok stars. But did anyone try and take up app development? No? Well, that was a missed opportunity, especially if you are a marketer. But you know what they say, there is no time like the present! So if you’re a marketer that has never built an app, then it's time to change that. And I don’t want to hear any excuses like “I don’t know how code” because thanks to no code and low code app builders, you no longer need to code to build an app. Still, don’t want to? Well, here are the same major benefits to learning how to make an app without code. Say Goodbye to IT “Say goodbye to IT”, that is music to a marketers ears (no offense IT). It’s not a secret marketing and IT doesn't have the best relationship, and it’s no one's fault. The two departments just tend to work differently. But, when you build an app without coding, marketers no longer need to rely on IT to get the project done. When you invest in a no code or low code app development platform, marketers can build an app from start to finish without needing a single line of code. Instead of coding, you can arrange content on the actual app screen and what you see while building is exactly what you will get when the app is being used. So marketers, this means using a low code platform will let you build an app exactly the way YOU want it. Become a Citizen Developer Who doesn’t love adding a new title to their resume? When you start building an app without code, you can officially call yourself a citizen developer. A citizen developer is anyone who uses a low code or no code platform to build an app that is used by others. This phrase comes from a Gartner Analyst a while back when he made the prediction that one day we would all be considered “developers.” So if that is where we are all heading you might as well be ahead of the trend, right? Elevate Your Marketing Strategy Finally, an app can really improve your mobile marketing strategy. Apps are a great way for you to easily communicate with your customers. I don’t know if anyone has told you yet, but with the increasing use of smartphones (how often do you leave your house without your phone), having a mobile marketing strategy is crucial. It is a way for you to reach your consumers at any time no matter where they are. And now with the help of app builders, adding a mobile app to your strategy is easier than ever. It is especially easy if you choose to build a Progressive Web App (PWA). PWAs look and feel like a native mobile app, but they are hosted through the web so they are lightweight, faster, and they can be installed to the home screen (keyword being installed and not downloaded). Brands that have switched to PWAs (Forbes, Starbucks, and Pinterest just to name a few) have seen incredible results including higher engagement rates. PWAs also have fewer barriers because the app doesn’t have to be downloaded. Instead you can easily activate the app through a QR code, URL, text, or NFC tag. Overall, there is no harm to learn how to create an app without coding. Not only do you get to break free of IT’s constraints, call yourself a citizen developer, and elevate your marketing strategy, it is also just a cool skill to have. If you are ready to learn something new you can get started with Lumavate’s PWA platform.

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