Can I Create an Android App Without Coding Offline, Free of Charge?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jul 26, 2020

No, you’re not dreaming. You can create an Android app without coding offline, free of charge. Technology has advanced so much in the last few years (thanks to low code and no code platforms), that you don’t have to have a software engineering degree to build apps anymore! The citizen developer revolution is taking the world by storm and any individual in an organization can now create an app without coding. But, like many things in life, stuff that is handed to us easily doesn’t often produce the best results. So, just because you can create an app for Android phones without tapping into your budget, doesn’t mean you should. Support, design, and features are all things a free Android app maker could fall short on. If you want to partner with the best mobile app builder, you’ve got to put resources towards that investment - here’s why. All By Myself If you’ve ever put together Ikea furniture, you know how frustrating the instructions can be. Unless you’ve bribed some seasoned pro-furniture builders to help you out, you’re on your own. The stakes are a little bit higher with building a mobile app. If you’re like me, you’ll probably want to have a team helping you through the app design process. With free app development software, you’ll probably be all by yourself. With a dedicated team to help you with your mobile marketing project, you can rest easy knowing that someone’s got your back when things inevitably go wrong. They’ll be there to guide you through these technical issues and get them resolved fast. Can You Double Check This?  Remember in school where we would have a friend edit our essays to check for mistakes we may have overlooked when writing? Sometimes we still need this for mobile design. What you may think makes sense, may not actually work out in the wild. When you invest in a mobile app platform, you’ll have someone to bounce ideas off of. They’ll even recommend incorporating new trends you hadn’t even thought of, like leaving navigational breadcrumbs throughout your app. That’s sure to get an A+ from users! No Shiny Objects We all know you can’t measure an app’s success based solely on downloads right? There have been countless times I’ve downloaded an app, used it once, and then deleted it. For example, there is an unnamed virtual meeting app I downloaded the other day. I usually take virtual meetings over my computer, but this time was an exception. The app wasn’t easy to use and I couldn’t see myself using it again. So I banished it from my home screen immediately after my meeting. If you partner with a free mobile app builder, you’ll likely be wondering where all of the cool functionality is. I hate to break it to you, but you’ll probably be waiting a while. Some of the best mobile app development tools you’ll want to look for include drag and drop capabilities and a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) interface. Not only will building your app be intuitive, but you’ll also be able to get a preview of what your app will look like on any device before you hit publish. Feeling Overwhelmed?  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information needed to create an app, you’re not alone. And even when you launch your app, the process isn’t’s just the beginning. When Android makes an operating system update, you’ll need to make sure your software is up to date. But don’t let this scare you away from including building a mobile app in your mobile marketing strategy. There’s another option - with Progressive Web Apps (PWAs). With PWAs, you build them once and they work across all devices and operating systems. You can also say goodbye to the headache of dealing with the app store middleman. You’ll have control over publishing, updates, and how users access your app. And even though we’re recommending investing in a mobile app builder, the ROI with PWAs will make it all worth it. West Elm saw a 9 percent increase in revenue per visit with their PWA. Alibaba witnessed an increase of 76 percent in conversions. Think of what creating a PWA could do for your brand. If your interest is piqued with PWAs, and want to learn more about how to create an app without coding. We’ve got tons of guides, videos, and podcast episodes on all things apps. Go ahead and geek out a little, we won’t tell anyone.

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