How to Become the Best No Code App Builder

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Participation trophies - this is quite a controversial topic. It’s nice that no matter what your skill level is, participation trophies acknowledge the fact you took part in an activity. So what’s the problem then? They don’t acknowledge who’s the best. While there’s no participation trophy when using app building software, there are certainly other ways to be awarded a ‘trophy’, with user engagement! So how to become the best no code app builder? Follow these tips and you’ll have a (fictitious) award ceremony in your future! 🏆 First Thing’s First  Before you can be the best in the game, let’s go over what even is the ‘game’. Mobile marketing’s popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years. I think we can all guess’s because of our slight (read: monumental) addiction to our smartphones. And what are we doing on these smartphones? In mobile apps! We spend 87 percent of our time on mobile in apps. And in 2019, the average person had 20 apps on their smartphone. So if you wanted to be the best app builder 2019, you had plenty of competition. Not only is there a lot of competition in building a mobile app, but building a native mobile app is a marathon, not a sprint. In fact, it can take up to a year to develop a native mobile app. So when some developers are entering the ‘fourth quarter’ of app development, details might slip through the cracks. Hence why many marketers want to learn how to create a mobile app themselves. A no code app builder enables individuals to build an app without code. Drag and drop capabilities make it easy to place an element wherever you’d like on the app. And app development software for beginners often integrates with common MarTech platforms. The only catch here is you don’t get to be the best without paying a price. Partnering with a free no code app builder will get you the bronze medal, not the gold. Have an Eye for Design We’ve established anyone asking how to code an app can use a no code mobile app builder, but only the top of the class will stand apart from the crowd. Mobile design is where your app will either flourish or flop. Let’s start with reachability. When you’re placing buttons or links on your page, place them in the ‘safe zone’ (AKA the bottom left portion of your phone’s screen). Users will appreciate not straining their thumbs. 👍🏼 Now let’s get to the good stuff: mobile design trends. Raise your hand if you like a bunch of pop-ups when you’re using an app. I don’t see any hands. No one wants to be bombarded with a million CTAs; incorporate collapsible navigation at the top of the page. Last thing to remember: use familiar gestures in your app. This could mean tapping to ‘click’ something or swiping right to go back on a page. Focus on the User If you really want to ensure you’ll bring home the gold, focus on your user. With how much our world has transformed digitally in the last decade, it’s easy to forget the human element of marketing. When you’re building your mobile app, make it a personalized experience for users. Recommend items based on their shopping behaviors. Allow users to customize their dashboards so they can toggle on and off certain features. Personalization is so much more than just having a user’s name written at the top of their app. Follow these tips and you’ll surely be named the ‘most valuable no code app builder’. Want to ensure you’re the best of the best? Download our Mobile Masterclass eBook that has advice from various marketing and tech leaders around the world.

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