Finding the Best App Builder for Your Business

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jun 17, 2020

With so many companies rethinking their mobile marketing strategies, a popular first place to start is building a mobile app. Consumers are now spending close to four hours per day on their smartphones, so meeting them where they’re already is a no-brainer. But you don’t want just any app company designing your experience - you want the best! And rightfully so. If you create an app with a poor user experience, you could face low adoption and engagement rates. To avoid this scary yet real possibility for your next mobile project, catch up on a few of our tips on what to keep in mind when finding the best app builder for your business. Let’s Start at Square One First thing’s first, what are you creating? Yes, you want to build a mobile app, but did you know there are different types? In the debate of a native app vs. Progressive Web App (PWA), it comes down to the goals you want to achieve with this project. Do you want to drive app downloads? Or do you want to see an increase in revenue? What you create will also be determined by your budget, goals, timeline, etc. are. Let’s quickly dive into your options when it comes to mobile app development platforms: Native Mobile App These are our old faithful. Native mobile apps have been around since the beginning of smartphones, and they’re what most people think of when they hear mobile apps. Consumers know how to download native mobile apps and what their features are. But what people don’t know about building a native mobile app is the challenge that comes with it. They’re expensive and can take up to a year to build...not to mention you’ll need to develop it twice for both iOS and Android. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) PWAs are the future of mobile. They’re a new way to engage with consumers on mobile, without that pesky app store download. PWAs also drive higher adoption and engagement than native mobile apps (Forbes saw 100 percent more engagement). And unlike native mobile apps, you won’t need to build it twice. Still need help deciding? Check out this infographic to determine which one’s right for your business. It Doesn’t Have to Cost You a Pretty Penny Remember the first day of Economics 101 when the professor declared there was no such thing as a free lunch? Well, they ended up being right. Nothing in life is free, and even when it is, there’s a price to pay. Yes, there are many free mobile app builders out there, but none of them will give you the experience you want. You’ll want to make room in your budget for this project. But just because we said partnering with a free mobile app builder isn’t the best idea, doesn’t mean you need to shell out millions of dollars either. App builder pricing varies depending on what features you want, how many apps you build, and what type of app you develop. Some of the best app builders will only cost your around $1,500 per month. You Could Be the Best App Builder  Plot twist: you could be the next best app builder for your business. You heard me correctly - you could learn how to create an app from scratch with the help of no-code or low code platforms. A no-code app builder will enable you to build an app without touching a single line of code. No-code platforms have reusable foundational blocks that you can reuse across multiple apps. If you’re a small business looking to build apps fast, this might be the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re a larger company that needs more freedom than a no-code platform allows, then choosing a low code app builder is the best fit for you. With low code platforms, you still have the option of using the foundational blocks to build apps fast, but you now have the option to bring in your own code. Trust Your Instincts At the end of the day, app builders are not one-size-fits-all. Choosing an app builder that has throughout the onboarding process, training videos, and help content are other important things to consider when finding the perfect fit for your business. If you’re a real marketer who’s not afraid to push the envelope, then Lumavate is the best app builder for your business. See for yourself just how easy it is to build an app in the Lumavate platform.

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