Benefits of Digital Experiences

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Digital experiences are interactive, online touchpoints designed to engage customers, partners, and employees throughout their journey with a brand. They can be created in 30 minutes or less and nearly all functions within an organization can utilize them to tackle their business goals.  Let’s take a look at the 10 benefits of digital experiences. 

10 Benefits of Digital Experiences

1. Bridge Offline and Online Creating an omnichannel experience for your customers is table stakes. You can pair your products with a  digital element in a few ways. You could include an activation such as a QR code or near-field communication (NFC) tag on product packaging that customers can use in-store to learn more about a product.  Or, you could prevent customers from searching the Internet to find product information when they’re shopping in-aisle using shelf talkers or floor talkers that connect QR codes to a digital experience.  2. Capture Zero-party Data Time is running out on the ability for brands to use third-party cookies in their marketing strategies. If your brand still relies on third-party cookies to target customers, it’s time to make a switch. Zero-party data, otherwise known as the information customers willingly give your brand, can be collected through digital experiences. For instance, if your brand had a booth at a trade show, you could drive lead captures via a form within a digital experience.  You can also collect zero-party data through a simplified warranty information process or through email and mobile opt-ins. The options for how your brand can provide valuable customer insights with digital experiences are endless.  3. Decrease Costs If your organization utilizes product guides as a key tool for your sales and marketing teams, you know firsthand how many months it took to design and edit this content. Decrease your printing and shipping costs by making your product guides digital.  You can also reduce call center costs by creating a product information digital experience that enables customers to fix all of their product issues on their own.  4. Drive Revenue The amount of noise and options customers have when shopping is astronomical. Customers are exposed to more than 4,000 ads a day and they have more options than ever before when shopping.  Entice buyers to purchase products from your brand with a product recommendations digital experience. Additionally, you can drive revenue by creating a digital product lookbook that inspires customers to purchase additional items from your brand.  5. Personalize the Customer Journey Everyone likes to feel seen. The same goes for the customer journey. Consumers want to know their pain points are recognized by brands and that solutions and content are tailored to them.  A brand could create a personalized product onboarding experience that has everything the customer needs to be successful when getting started with their product. By placing a QR code, NFC tag, URL, or even text keyword on the product’s packaging, customers can activate an experience that populates content specifically for their product.  You can also personalize the customer journey by creating a digital account-based marketing (ABM) experience for both prospecting and deal acceleration. Your sales team can include a personalized video introducing themselves to the prospect including highly-relevant content to further sweeten the deal, and contact information.  6. Increase Brand Loyalty  Consumers aren’t as loyal as they once were. Brands need to do something over the top to get consumers to exclusively purchase their products.  With a digital experience, you can drive brand loyalty in a few ways. You can create a loyalty program customers can access on their devices that provide points of their previous purchases, referrals, social media posts, and more. Another way to drive brand loyalty is by creating a guided shopping digital experience so your customers can quickly find and purchase the products they need based on the information they provide to your brand. 7. Stand Out In-aisle There are tens of thousands of products available to customers when shopping at their local convenience or grocery store. Marketers will need a different way to cut through the noise. A digital experience can accomplish just that.  Your brand can disrupt the aisle in several ways through a product launch campaign that highlights your new product’s benefits, reviews, product information, and more. A shopper campaign can also cut through the noise in-aisle by featuring promotional offers to sweeten the deal for customers.  8. Empower Your Team Using traditional methods of creating a website or a mobile app was usually left to the developers or an agency. Thanks to the no-code movement and the rise of digital experience platforms (DXPs), any business user is able to create an engaging and secure experience without the need for developers or agencies to get involved. Sales can create a digital experience to engage with prospects while marketing can use a DXP to drive brand awareness for their business.  9. Engage Your Employees Creating digital experiences isn’t just for engaging with customers. Your organization’s employees can greatly benefit from using a  digital experience too.  Using a DXP like Lumavate, you can create a wayfinding experience that helps guide employees around your office building or campus, create an internal communications portal and create a personalized news feed for each employee in your organization, or launch an employee survey to gauge employee satisfaction. 10. Delight Your Partners Your dealers and partners are key to the success of your business. Give your partners a customized portal, library of multimedia resources, co-branded experience, and more. For example, your business can digitize its product guide or product training to ensure your partners have the tools they need to be successful.  Witness the Benefits of Digital Experience For Yourself  Want to witness the benefits of using a digital experience yourself? Get a live demo from one of our experts or create a free account and start creating digital experiences for your brand. 

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