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Apps are a key tool that brands can use to engage with customers on mobile devices, and all over the world more and more brands are launching their own apps. Having an app might sound like something only large companies can manage, but that’s not true! With a mobile app builder anyone can build an app, and it cuts the building time and the cost way down. There are multiple types of mobile development platforms out there including, low code platforms, no code platforms, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) platforms, and ones that will build all different kinds of apps. There is also the option of cross platform mobile development which will allow you to develop an app that works across all operating systems. So, you would be able to use the app on both Android and Apple devices without having to recode the app. With all of these options out there, you will never have to wonder “how to create mobile application” again.

Lumavate is a mobile app builder that lets users build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on a low code platform. A PWA is an app that is hosted through a web server, like Google Docs, but can also be saved to a phone’s home screen and behave like a native mobile app. PWAs are much easier and faster to build, and they also offer a high quality user experience because they don’t require a download, don’t take up a lot of data, and even work offline! Building a PWA on Lumavate’s platform is extremely easy since it is a low code platform. With a low code platform users can build an app without having to do any coding. Instead they can drag and drop images, text, and other app elements onto the app screen and see their changes in real time.

There is a difference between low code vs. no code platforms, but it is important to note that both platforms let users build an app entirely without code. A low code platform leaves the option open for users to bring in their own code or tweak the code if they choose to, but it is not necessary. With a no code platform you have no control over the code and therefore cannot customize it. Both types of platforms will deliver high quality apps, it just comes down to what tools you need and how much customization you want access to.

MADP - Mobile Application Development Platform

A mobile app development platform (MADP) is a platform that provides you with the tools and resources necessary to help you build a mobile app. Using a mobile application development platform lets you build an app faster and at a lower cost than if you hired app developers. Lumavate is a leading low code PWA development platform that empowers marketers to quickly build apps without depleting their marketing budget. The Lumavate Platform allows users to be agile in the app development space with it’s low code technology. Users can build an app within a matter of days with Lumavate’s extensive Library of App Components and Features. Additionally, Lumavate’s drag and drop functionality makes it easy for anyone to build an app, even if you have never done it before. You can also quickly make changes and updates to your app, and deploy them in real time since PWAs do not have to be stored in the app store. This ensures that users are always using the latest version of your app, and that you can stay on top of all mobile marketing trends.

There are many options out there for mobile app development platforms. Before getting started with any app platform, it is a good idea to do a MADP platforms comparison to determine which platform best aligns with your marketing goals. If you have never built an app before, looking for app development software for beginners is a good idea, or finding an app builder that offers tutorials and training. Lumavate’s Platform has extensive help content and live and on demand training videos that help users get started on the platform.

Cost is always an important consideration when making decisions. While free app development software might sound like a great option, you will not get as advanced functionality form a mobile app design software free platform. A good solution here is to start out on a free plan so you can determine if the app platform works for you, and then later upgrade to access more functionality. With Lumavate’s Platform you can start building for free and then upgrade to more advanced plans when you are ready.

Tech Stack Meaning

Having an efficient tech stack is a key element to maximizing productivity. Tech stack meaning refers to all the tools you use to get a particular job done. For example, you can have a marketing tech stack that includes all of the tools that contribute to your marketing strategy. You can also have an app development tech stack. This might consist of a variety of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, etc.

A MEAP stack stands for mobile enterprise application platforms, and it is an environment that provides tools and middleware to develop, test, deploy and manage software that runs on mobile devices. A MEAP stack can function as both a development platform and a management tool for mobile apps. Hiring a full stack developer that has experience in multiple programming languages and frameworks and can become very expensive. Therefore, if you do not already have a full stack developer within your organization, the best route is likely building an app with low code or no code app development software. It is best to consider all of your options before deciding how you are going to go about building your app, and consider what your budget and time frame for the project are. If you are looking to move fast and have complete control over your app, then a low code PWA platform like Lumavate is a good choice.

Best Mobile Enterprise Application Platform

Finding the best mobile enterprise application platform can be tricky, as there are so many platform options out there. Some key features to look for in a mobile application platform are either low code or no code technology. Which one is best for you will depend on your goals and how much customization you want to have over your app. You can further customize your app in a low code platform because you can bring in your own code if you choose to. You also want a platform that will allow you to be agile, meaning you can make changes and push out updates in real time. If you have little to no coding experience, you will also want a platform that has its own app elements that are available to use. For example, the Lumavate Library has a variety of features and components like images, text, different menu styles, social media components, video, and many more. These are all available for Lumavate customers to use. At the end of the day, the best app development platform will be one that empowers you to build the perfect app and gives you the resources necessary to build an app that meets all of your requirements. When it comes to mobile platforms in mobile app development, there are likely many options that will work well for you, but you want to make sure whichever one you decide on is trustworthy and scalable.


Xamarin is an open source mobile app development software made by Microsoft. An open source platform means that the source code is publicly available and therefore can be shared and improved upon by community members. With Xamarin, you can build apps across multiple operating systems. There is Xamarin Android, Xamarin iOS, and Xamarin Windows. However, you cannot build an app that will work across all of these operating systems like you can with a PWA on Lumavate’s platform. Some of the features of the platform include Xamarin Forms 5 which is an open-source framework for iOS, Android, and Windows. You can also find an Xamarin tutorial and Xamarin download resources which will help you learn Xamarin tools and development options. One key thing that stands out in an Xamarin review is that they have many training options for their platform. Lumavate’s platform also offers a variety of training, including live training to showcase specific features of Lumavate’s platform, and on-demand training that will help you get started. Furthermore, Lumavate also offers starter kits and an app gallery to help users feel inspired when they start building an app. These resources highlight a variety of ways users can use different components in Lumavate’s studio. With Lumavate’s Starter Kits, users can actually bring them into the studio and use them as a template for the app.

Wayfinding Starter Kit

The Wayfinding Starter Kit helps users build an app that works as a directional guide and helps app users navigate their way through a specific place or building. Many healthcare and entertainment organizations use this Starter Kit to provide detailed, step-by-step directions to new visitors visiting their offices.

Employee Communications Starter Kit

This Starter Kit is for an app that is used internally amongst employees so company content and information can quickly and easily be shared. This Starter Kit is mainly used by enterprise clients that want to enable their team to work more efficiently and simplify processes. With this starter kit, businesses can use it like a personalized mobile news hub.

Kony Inc.

Kony Inc, now known as Temenos, is a digital platform that offers a variety of services from app building to AI. There are many digital platforms like Kony out there, so you might be thinking “what is Kony really for?”. Kony’s platform is specifically for digital banking solutions. Kony banking platform provides solutions for a variety of banks including retail baking, wealth management, credit unions, corporate banking, and many more. With Kony MADP (mobile application development platform) you can build a variety of apps including Kony native apps, Kony web apps, and Kony hybrid apps. If you are unsure what type of app you want to build, Lumavate’s resources can help you understand what types of apps are out there and which one might be the best fit for you. An important note about Kony is that unlike Lumavate, Kony low code building options are not available, and you also cannot build a Progressive Web App with Kony.

More Information Through Manning Books

If you are looking for more resources on app and software development. Manning books is a good place to look for additional information. The Manning dashboard on their website will show you their new releases and what is popular right now. Some of the best manning books include MEAP books, Manning Django, and the Manning liveBooks. The MEAP book meaning is all about mobile enterprise application platforms, you read these books online, and you can access Manning liveBook iPad copies. If you are looking for resources outside of books, you can check out Lumavate’s resources, including the Blog, Real Marketers Podcast, and Downloads.

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