PWAs are web apps that can integrate with native hardware on the user’s device.

PWA Builder

PWA Builder

Lumavate is the leading no-code platform for building Progressive Web Apps. PWAs are web apps that can integrate with native hardware on the user’s device (think: camera, gyroscope, etc.) for a truly native experience. And, they can easily be installed to the home screen for easy re-access, without having to go through an app store. The Progressive Web App framework is built into the Lumavate platform, which means no matter what you build, it will be 100% compliant with Google’s PWA standards. By their nature, PWAs work across all devices and browsers, which every app you build with Lumavate will inherently work everywhere–no separate development for iPhone and Android required!

How Progressive Web Apps Came to Be

Imagine this: web development powerhouses from Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, Google, and more, coming together to create the ultimate web experience. This is how PWAs came to be. They came together in order to determine the best way to create a web application, and their brainstorm yielded Progressive Web Apps. And, the coolest part? These leaders weren’t looking to monetize PWAs–there’s no such thing as a Microsoft PWA builder or a Google PWA builder–they simply shared a passion for the web, and wanted to come up with a set of standards to ensure that it was being used to its full potential.

Microsoft’s PWA initiative is led by Jeff Burtoft, who shared the story of how PWAs came to be in this episode of Mobile Matters. (It involves a pub in London, a few pints, and some napkin doodles. You won’t want to miss it.)

How to Build Progressive Web Apps

It is possible to build Progressive Web Apps without Lumavate, but it requires special web development skills and resources. There are Progressive Web App tools available on Google, Microsoft, and Samsung’s developer sites for developers who want to build a PWA from scratch, but for those who don’t have experience developing PWAs, there are PWA builders available. Lumavate is the best Progressive Web App builder for those with no development experience–since it’s a no-code platform. Additionally, it’s also the best PWA builder for experienced web developers as well, since it does have a developer studio where developers can create widgets and components in any language of their choice. Check out our PWA tutorial PDF here.

Making Progressive Web Apps Easy with Starter Kits

Lumavate puts the power of PWAs into the hands of every marketer. Period. And we make it easy. We offer a variety of Starter Kits–Progressive Web App templates to help you create a PWA in an hour or less. Each Starter Kit comes with a customizable PWA template, a PWA tutorial video (which walks you through every aspect of the Starter Kit and gives you a PWA builder tutorial), and additional resources and PWA tools to help you get started quickly. For more about our Starter Kits and to see one of our Progressive Web App tutorial videos, visit the Solutions page for your industry.

Progressive Web App FAQs

Can I convert websites to PWAs with Lumavate?

Yes, however...we can’t in good conscience tell you that’s a good idea! When your customers are looking to engage with your brand on mobile, they’re looking for a fast and personalized experience. Odds are, your website has a lot of information about your brand. Instead, we’d recommend using Lumavate to create more specific mobile experiences–Lumavate is a PWA creator that enables you to build multiple apps quickly, which means you can start to create really specific mobile apps for each of your types of customers.

Does Lumavate build both iPhone and Android apps?

Yes! Lumavate is a PWA builder for Android and iPhones and everything in between! PWAs work on every device and browser, which means you only have to build apps once on Lumavate, and they’re guaranteed to work on any device.

What’s a Web App Manifest, and can I create one with Lumavate?

A Web App Manifest is the technical element of Progressive Web Apps that enable them to be installed to the device’s home screen just like a native app. Lumavate has a PWA web app manifest generator built in to its backend tech, which means all you have to worry about is uploading a favicon for your app to appear on your user’s home screen, and we take care of the rest.

Is Lumavate a Free Progressive Web App Builder?

Lumavate offers a wide variety of subscription plans to fit the needs of your business, including free subscription plan. Try out our PWA builder online, create a free account on the Lumavate platform today!

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