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Open Source No Code App Builder

Open Source No Code App Builder

If you’ve been searching for a mobile app development platform, you’ve likely come across a few open source mobile app builder companies. If you’re a seasoned mobile app builder and already know what an open source no code app builder is, feel free to move on to discover how to be the best no code app builder. But for those that need a little more help with what an open source drag and drop app builder is, sit tight. Open source development allows you to take advantage of code that already exists and modify it to your needs. So if you’re someone who knows enough code to be dangerous, you can take advantage of an open source WYSIWYG app builder to customize your app with open source software and get a feel of how your app will look like across any device or operating system. And if you’re thinking about partnering with an open source drag and drop Android app builder, you may want to reconsider. Native mobile app downloads have been on the decline for a while now, and users aren’t happy with how much space they take up on their phones. If you want to delight your customers, choose a low code platform that takes advantage of open source development, like Lumavate.

How to Be the Best No Code App Builder

What does being the best in something usually entail? For starters, there tends to be a lot of practice and research involved. So then how do you become the best no code app builder? Well, it might be easier than you would think. Forget the years of practicing app development. If you use one of the best no code platforms, you could rise to the top even if you have zero coding experience! A no code web app builder enables the use of pre-built blocks that make it easy to design your app’s page. Or maybe you’re not building a mobile app. Maybe you work in the healthcare industry and need to develop a large database with patient information. You could ditch the traditional software developers that might take several months to create, and use a no code database tool. Below are some examples of no code app builder tools you can choose from when you go to start your mobile project:

  • App builder
  • Appmakr
  • Appsheet
  • Appy Pie
  • Buzztouch

Lumavate is different from the rest of these no code app builder companies. Lumavate has an extensive library jam-packed full of amazing tools and app-building elements. Not only can you create the app of your dreams with Lumavate’s Platform, but you can also build it fast. We’re talking like just a few hours fast. Building an app fast with Lumavate’s Platform will allow you to focus on other areas of business, like how you’re going to meet rising customer expectations of brands these days.

But just because you have the right mobile app development tools, doesn’t mean you’re automatically going to be the best no code app builder 2020 has in store. Unfortunately, there’s a second aspect of becoming the best of the best - creating an engaging user experience. It takes less than half a second for users to judge a mobile experience. Having too many pop-ups, items on a page or text that is too small are all surefire ways to get users to abandon ship. So how do you make them stay? Create a simple design that hosts relevant content to the user. Also, you may want to consider adding features such as a custom dashboard to your mobile app to enhance the user experience. Users will get to create a personalized mobile experience for themselves. If you need more tips on mobile design, be sure to check out our Mobile Design Swipe File. It’s got multiple examples of how to become the best app builder.

How to Create an App for Free

Speaking of being the best, let’s talk about the pros and cons of partnering with the best free app builder. Listen, we get it...many people have fallen desperate enough to search for ‘how to create an app for free’ because they were scrambling to keep up with their mobile experience, but had no room in their budget to pay for the software. But if you want to create a memorable user experience consumers will actually utilize more than once, choosing a free web app builder is not the way to go. No matter if it’s a free Android app maker or a free app maker for students, you will most likely be left disappointed (or worse).

First of all, a free no code app builder is going to lack certain features and functionality that only investing in an app development platform can provide you (yes, we’re even talking about the best free no code app builder). Secondly, there’s a matter of security. Even the best free app builder 2019 or best free app builder 2020 can leave your organization vulnerable to attacks because of holes in the software. What these free app makers lack are safety and security protocols put in place by IT to keep organizations safe. Even if you’re not currently a part of an organization, a free app maker for students can be more of a headache than what it’s worth. Investing in mobile is worth it if you ask us. Not only will you have peace of mind that your organization is safe from potential attackers, but you’ll also be partnered with the best support team to answer any questions you have about building an app along the way. If you’re ready to take the first step in investing in mobile, check out how easy the Lumavate Platform is to use. You could have your first app built in a matter of hours. Create a free account on the Lumavate platform today. 

Best Drag and Drop App Builder

OK, we’re not going to warn you about the dangers of using the best free drag and drop app builder anymore. You probably know in the back of your mind that choosing a free option was not going to give you the results you wanted (and there’s usually a catch with things that come to us without needing to pay for it). Let’s talk about some other tools that you might find helpful when building an app for the first time - let’s discuss partnering with a drag and drop app builder. A drag and drop software builder is pretty self-explanatory; users building an app can simply drag a feature or item they wish to place on the apps page. And if where you placed that item isn’t exactly where you want it, you can just drag it to wherever it’s final destination will be. The best part with a drag and drop web app builder is there’s no code required with this type of tool. You don’t have to learn Javascript to use an offline drag and drop app builder. All of the coding needed for the app is done on the backend.

While Lumavate isn’t specifically a drag and drop app builder software for Windows, each app created through our platform is a Progressive Web App (PWA). PWAs are hosted over a URL, meaning there’s no separate development for Android and iOS. They work seamlessly across all devices and operating systems. On top of all of this, PWAs aren’t accessible through the app store; you can access PWAs through almost anywhere you can place a call-to-action (like QR codes, text, Near-field communication (NFC), links, etc.) We like to think we’re the best drag and drop app builder out there, but we know you can’t just take our word from it. Read Warren Rupp’s case study on why they chose Lumavate’s Platform when they needed to create the ultimate user experience.

Appy Pie Tutorial

We couldn’t talk about no code app builders without explaining a couple. First up is an Appy Pie tutorial. Many users use the Appy Pie login to begin creating an app without code. The Appy Pie pricing model is broken into three different tiers, depending on how many app downloads you have. But before you turn to an Appy Pie download, you may want to look at an Appy Pie review. Unlike Appy Pie, every app built with the Lumavate platform is a PWA. PWAs are created with the ultimate user experience in mind. PWAs don’t take up as much storage as native mobile apps, plus they’re significantly faster than their mobile counterparts.

AppMakr Reviews

Next on our no code mobile app builder reviews is AppMakr. You may have been interested in learning about the AppMakr pricing or reading a few AppMakr reviews during this section, but announced in July of 2020, AppyPie has acquired AppMakr. Seeing the search results for ‘AppMakr closed’ makes a bit more sense now. Though you won’t be searched for an AppMakr download anytime soon, there is actually a better solution to help with your next mobile marketing project, with Lumavate. Lumavate is the first low code platform designed for marketers in mind, meaning that we know you and your business move fast. With our low code platform, you can create the app of your dreams in just a couple of hours.

BuildFire Tutorial

Last up on our list of no code app builders is a  BuildFire tutorial. Much like their counterparts, the BuildFire pricing model has three different tiers to select from. Judging from BuildFire reviews, the highest pricing tier is where you are going to find the ability to customize your app. Not surprisingly, in the upper pricing tier, you’ll also find additional BuildFire Features and BuildFire templates to choose from when building your app. Lumavate’s platform is different. Our platform is built for marketers who run instead of walk and have an endless list of crazy ideas. Not only can you build an app fast with the Lumavate platform, but you can also bring in your own code to customize your mobile app. Or if templates are more up your alley, we’ve got those too.

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