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Mobile Experiences for Enterprise Applications

Mobile Apps for Enterprise Applications

Enterprise organizations are increasingly taking app development into their own hands. Through an enterprise mobile app, organizations are able to better coordinate their employees, work with clients, manage vendors, and generally improve upon their internal business processes. But creating a mobile app from scratch can be a rough introduction to mobile application development.

Why do companies need an app? Companies need apps for a number of reasons: internal apps for their teams, customer-facing apps for their products and services, apps to help with product and service development, and so forth. Apps can be used at every level of an organization, whether it's to track a team's sales progress, or to make sure customers are able to connect with employees when they need to. Enterprises are even using unique technologies such as beacons.

Mobile apps for enterprise applications can be complex. Most enterprise applications are going to need to be truly mobile and accessible cross-platform. Why enterprise application need a mobile application solutions is simple: employees could be on any platform, and they need to be able to connect to the enterprise from anywhere.

Traditionally, enterprises would release mobile apps on multiple operating systems, and then would be forced to maintain these apps on multiple operating systems. But that's no longer necessary. Through Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), companies can create web-based applications that look and feel like applications, but that are accessed through a web browser rather than a native, downloaded application.

Lumavate is a no code, cross-platform Progressive Web App solution, which can assist enterprises in developing apps in-house at a fraction of the cost of hiring an enterprise app development company. Through Lumavate, enterprises are able to develop apps in a clean, intuitive system, that doesn't require any programming knowledge.

Built for everyone, Lumavate has a complete library of features that can be imported, and is available in an extremely competitive pricing structure. It's everything an enterprise needs to get into app development. A desktop application won't always suffice.

How can lumavate help with my enterprise app? Lumavate is an ideal platform for developing enterprise digital experiences. Our interface makes it easy to create an app without any coding. Lumavate also makes it easy to integrate with existing enterprise systems, so you can quickly get your app up and running. So if you're looking to develop a digital experience for your enterprise, lumavate is the perfect platform for you.

Mobile Application Development for Enterprise Organizations

Built specifically for enterprise organizations, Lumavate is a robust no code mobile application development suite. Rather than hiring an app company, enterprises can instead use Lumavate to develop their app in-house. Here are some of the major advantages of Lumavate for your enterprise mobile application:

  • Built specifically for the enterprise. Lumavate is designed as a fully-featured platform for enterprise development. There are Starter Kits specifically designed to get an enterprise up and running immediately.
  • Completely no code. No one in your enterprise needs to know code to start developing on Lumavate now. You can start developing an app right now, just by knowing which features you want included.
  • Fully scalable. Lumavate allows organizations to scale app development from one to a hundred apps or more. Many enterprises might need to launch multiple apps, or may need to launch both employee-facing and client-facing apps.
  • Innately cross-platform. As a Progressive Web App, Lumavate can be viewed on any platform at all. Lumavate's apps are used through a standard web browser, but still have all the features of a native app.
  • Low total cost of ownership. With Lumavate, you don't need to pay a developer to develop and maintain your app. And you don't need to worry that your developer might disappear on you!
  • Short development time. Through the Lumavate Library, you can plug in features rather than having to develop them. As long as you have an idea of what you want, you can build it.

While web and app development companies may be able to produce an app for an enterprise organization, they will do so at a significantly greater cost. Additionally, the app will still need to be maintained. With Lumavate, all the maintenance can be done by your enterprise, and you can make changes on-the-fly as desired.

Get Started Quickly with Starter Kits

You want to get started with app development now. But how do you even begin? Once you've looked at some examples of mobile applications, you can start developing your enterprise app with our Starter Kits. Our Starter Kits are based on some of the best apps for business professionals, making development clean and clear.

Each of our Starter Kits includes prototyping tools, literature, and tutorials, to get you up and running quickly. Our resources include the mobile best practices that you would see in the best app development companies in USA, and encompass a wide variety of enterprise software development company apps.

Our Starter Kits include:

  • Wayfinding
  • Content Distribution
  • Survey
  • Image Recognition
  • Internal Communications
  • VIP Events
  • Lead Registration
  • Internal Trade Show
  • And more!

These are advanced features that you would usually need an enterprise mobile app development company's help to implement, such as image recognition. But through the easy-to-use interface of Lumavate, you can get started immediately with a Starter Kit. Customize the Starter Kit as desired or, if you've learned enough, start a new project from scratch.

With our wide breadth of documentation, you'll be able to get the most out of your enterprise app. And we're constantly adding new content in terms of Starter Kits and the Lumavate Library, so if we don't have the perfect thing for your organization now we might in the future.

By leveraging Lumavate, you can save money and time throughout the process of app development. And your organization will be able to develop features that might otherwise have been prohibitively complex or expensive to deploy.

Examples of Enterprise Level Mobile Apps

Developing enterprise level mobile apps doesn't have to be hard. While enterprise app development services can be expensive, Lumavate is extremely reasonably priced and comes with everything you need to develop an app from scratch.

Lumavate was built with enterprise organizations' requirements in mind. What are different enterprise requirements in mobile application development? Security, scalability, and complete ownership over the app itself were at the forefront. An enterprise app development company can't offer this.

What are some Lumavate enterprise mobile apps examples? Here's a brief list of some of the enterprises we've helped on their path to mobile app development.

  • Our Internal Communications Starter Kit has been used by multiple enterprise clients to enable teams to ditch SharePoint and email blasts, in favor of a personalized mobile news hub. This mobile news hub keeps employees informed no matter where they are, through cross-platform functionality. There are tremendous advantages to this type of consolidation: improved company culture, better communication, and greater levels of internal control.
  • Our Wayfinding Starter Kit is an excellent way for healthcare and entertainment organizations to provide step-by-step personalized directions to new visitors who need to get around quickly. Since there's no app store download required, they're able to launch it through a simple URL or web search. With our Wayfinding Starter Kit, scheduling is vastly improved.
  • Our Internal Trade Show Starter Kit is enabling larger teams to keep all their most important brand and booth information in a single mobile place, so all employees attending a show can be informed, and ready to capture as many leads as possible. During trade shows, it can be difficult to keep information accurate and consolidated. An Internal Trade Show Starter Kit can help.

From distributing to publishing, our goal is addressing enterprise requirements in mobile application platforms. What are different enterprise requirements in mobile application development? Usually they boil down to: being cross-platform, easy to develop, and easy to maintain.

Our Starter Kits make it far easier for enterprises to start developing their apps immediately, and without any type of specialized knowledge about the app development process itself.

No More Separate Development

Does your organization need to support both Android and iOS for its mobile business apps? That isn't a problem for Lumavate. Lumavate builds the best business apps for iOS and Android, since every app is delivered through a web browser. As a Progressive Web App, enterprise apps on Lumavate will work across all devices and operating systems. No double development required!

With traditional native development, enterprises need to develop an enterprise app iOS and Android solution, and they need to maintain these solutions separately. The best business apps for Android may not be the best business apps for iOS, and if a company has apps on both operating systems, they need to manage their building enterprise applications notes, troubleshooting, and versions for both.

But the best business apps 2019 are no longer native Android and iOS apps. Instead, they're Progressive Web Apps. Accessed directly through a browser, Progressive Web Apps give the feeling of a native app with all the advantages of a website. Entirely cross-platform and easy to use and maintain, Progressive Web Apps are the way of the future.

If your organization wants to develop Progressive Web Apps in a no code environment, Lumavate can help. Intuitive and user-friendly, the Lumavate platform can do anything that any other app development platform can do, but with limited coding knowledge.

Top Enterprise Mobile Apps

There are other companies that can develop enterprise apps, and if you want to look up the top 10 mobile app development companies, you can. But engaging with an app development company usually costs a lot of money, both to develop and maintain. This can be feasible for small business mobile apps but generally not for the app needs of a large enterprise.

If you're looking at mobile app development packages, mobile app as a service, or mobile app development websites, you'll notice that Lumavate is the only company that can offer no code Progressive Web Applications. This produces top enterprise apps that can scale for any enterprise size, and that can be used cross-platform.

If your organization wants to develop an app, Lumavate makes it possible to start immediately. Through Lumavate, your organization can begin designing an app with no code at all, leveraging Starter Kits, documentation, and examples to create fully-featured apps for either internal or external use.

Content for Mobile App Development

Do you want to learn more about web app development? At Lumavate, we're the app development experts, and we've spent a significant amount of time developing out our content for mobile app development. Check out our blog and resources pages, to learn more about developing an app regardless of your organization's size, mobile needs, or development requirements.

If you're looking for mobile app development providers, or the best mobile application solution providers, consider looking into our documentation first. We have complete information on the development process from start to finish, which can help you on your development path.

Further, you can review our Starter Kits for ideas regarding your corporate app and its implementation. There may already be a solution available for exactly what you want to do.

App development is extraordinarily important for modern businesses. But the costs of going through a professional app development company can be considerable. With app development in your organization's hands, you'll have full control over your organization's apps, in addition to a better understanding of what can be done through apps, and the possibilities there.

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