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All over the world, millions of companies are seeing the power of mobile applications. With technology being more advanced than ever, there are many things that are possible with mobile apps. But as there are many avenues for app-making, many businesses are straying away from the standard process of developing the native apps that we’re used to. In fact, there is a growing trend toward using a mobile app builder over outsourcing developers at a dev shop. These platforms make it extremely simple to design applications. And the best part, many of them don’t require the user needing any coding earpiece at all! These are referred to as no code or low code app development platforms. Both options let users build an entire app without requiring any code. The difference between the two platforms is that low code platforms allow for the option to bring in your own code or modify the existing code. With no code platforms this is not an option. The simplicity and low cost of these platforms make it a great option for free app maker for students to learn from.

No code app development platforms like Appie Pie and Ion are great examples of software platforms that allow users to build apps quickly. But if you want a cost-effective and effective choice when it comes to building apps, Lumavate can’t be beat! Lumavate is a leading low code app builder, and one of the best free no code app builders out on the marketer right now. From teaching users how to create a mobile app to providing an extensive library jam-packed full of amazing tools and app-building elements, building the apps of your dreams is easy with Lumavate!

Mobile App Development Tools No Code

When it comes to mobile app development tools with no code, there are a ton of options out there. However, there are some key characteristics to look for in a no code app builder. One key feature is scalability, this is especially important for startups looking for the best no code web app builder. Scalability means that the app builder and the apps you build will be able to grow with you. For example, if you plan to grow the number of apps your brand has or the functionality of the apps, you would want an app that works seamlessly across multiple operating systems. If your app cannot do this, it will be a challenge for your apps to grow with you. Therefore an app platform that can build Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) is a great option when it comes to scalability because you don’t need to build separate iOS and Android apps. Another key feature of an app builder is if it’s a drag and drop web app builder. The drag and drop functionality is incredibly helpful when it comes to building an app without code because you can place elements directly onto the app screen instead of having to code them. Some other important features include your timeframe, cost, and what functionality you want included in your app.

The best no code app builder for you will be one that meets all of the features you are looking for, and the best no code platforms will look different for everyone. There are also low code platforms to consider. Lumavate is a leading low code platform that empowers marketers to build their own apps fast with no code required. There are low code platforms for business developers and for marketers. They are slightly different than a no code platform in that low code platforms allow users to bring in their own code. This gives a little more flexibility to those building on the platform.

App Sheet

Appsheet is one of many no code app development platforms available on the market. Appsheet’s no code database lets users quickly build apps for all purposes. With Appsheet, you can build both native mobile apps that are integrated with your phone's hardware. You can also build web apps like Google Docs and Office 365 with Appsheet’s no code database web application builder. The web application builder allows users to build sophisticated web apps, but you cannot build PWAs like you can with Lumavate platform. There are many advantages to building a PWA over a normal web app. PWAs have a lot more functionality than web apps, like the ability to send push notifications and be saved to a user's home screen. PWAs offer a greater user experience because they look and feel more like a native mobile app. They also are easier to use on mobile devices. To decide which platform is the best for your marketing team, you can compare an Appsheet review to Lumavate reviews.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is another no code app development platform. With Appy Pie users can build apps for Android, iOS, Fire OS, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. The platform lets you build an app in three easy steps, and there is also an Appy Pie tutorial that will help you get familiar with the mobile app platform. Appy Pie pricing depends on what plan is chosen. The plans range from basic to platinum. Appy Pie is one of the biggest free no code application development platforms, and is often considered the best free app builder.

Although a free no code app builder might sound like the best option, free app builders often lack some of the features that are key to building an app with a good user experience. Before deciding on a free app builder or looking for an app creator software free download, consider what features you are looking for and what kind of app builder can provide that.

App Makr

Appmakr is another app builder that was recently acquired by Appy Pie. Appmakr is a no code developer for native apps on Android and iOS, HTML5, and mobile websites. With Appmakr you can convert a website to app free, use it as a no code web app builder, and a no code website builder. Another feature of Appmakr is that you can create an android app without coding online free. With Appmakr, users can build native mobile apps which is why you have to build apps for both iOS and Android devices. When you build a Progressive Web App (PWA), you can build one app that works across both operating systems.


GoodBarber is an app development platform that builds mobile apps. With GoodBarber you have the option to build an eCommerce app or a content management. GoodBarber can build both iOS and Android apps, but you will have to build separate apps for each operating system. It is also important to note that with GoodBarber, you cannot get an Android app maker software free download. The GoodBarber starting price is $25/month.

Shoutem is another Android and iOS native app building software that can help build apps to specific operating systems, but cannot convert a website to apk online free. While Shoutem can build apps for both Android and iPhone operating systems, you have to upgrade your plan to do so. When you build a PWA you don’t have to worry about building different apps for different operating systems because PWAs work across both. Some additional benefits to PWAs include not needing to go through the app store approval process to launch your app, they are more agile, can be quickly edited, and are easier for consumers to access. If you are ready to build a PWA you can get started for free with Lumavate.


Mendix is a low code open source platform. Open source means that the source code is publicly available and can be used and modified. However, this still doesn’t mean that you need to know how to code to use it. You can still find an  open source no code platform for native mobile apps and a no code web app builder open source platform.

Understanding the different types of app development platforms, whether it be low code, no code, or open source, is helpful when it comes to understanding the build vs. buy debate. This is the debate regarding if it is better to build your own app, or use an app builder that can help you save time and money. There is no right answer for everyone when it comes to this debate, and it comes down to what kind of functionality you need in your app. If you are trying to build a very sophisticated and nice app, you might want to consider building it or outsourcing to developers. However, if this isn’t the case it is very likely that you can find an app builder that will support what you need to do, which will save you time, money, and will let marketers build their own apps!

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