It’s best to understand the different types of mobile application software to find the solution best suited for your needs.

Mobile App Development Platform

Mobile App Development Platform

The world is going mobile. From tablets and laptops to iPhones and Android smartphones, everyone has a mobile device and many of us these devices throughout the day. And chances are, a lot of time spent on your device is probably spent on mobile apps. Given that these apps are used by millions of people on a daily basis, these platforms are ideal for reaching an audience. This leads to rapid mobile app development (RMAD), which is a term used to describe software that allows users to quickly crank out mobile apps. And with this mobile expansion means more and more companies are building these apps in-house rather than contracting them out to a dev shop. And more importantly, companies are finding innovative ways to crank out these apps faster than ever. And that starts with mobile app builder software. With how much amazing software is at our fingertips, more companies are choosing to buy mobile app development software rather than having a developer build these apps. And there are many benefits to buying instead of building. For one, with software that focuses on app development tools for non programmers, now you don’t need to hire expensive developers to handle the job. Furthermore, some of the best mobile app development tools are built so no coding experience is even needed. But it’s best to understand the different types of mobile application software to find the solution best suited for your needs.

How to Make An App for Both iPhone and Android

To understand the current mobile app software movement, let’s first dive into how apps have been made in the past. Typically, apps were created as native apps, which could only be used for their specific operating system. For example, if an app was built for Android, it could only be used for Android devices. Same with iOS app development; if an app was built for an iPhone, that same app couldn’t be used on an Android device. While this caused many headaches and a lot of time spent on building these apps, something needed to be done. That’s when Progressive Web Apps changed the game forever.

iOS and Android App Development

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could learn how to make an app for both iPhone and Android devices? Well now that dream has become a reality! Many new apps are created as Progressive Web Apps, which means they can be used on all operating systems! And if you want to try building these apps for yourself, Lumavate is here to help! Our iPhone and Android app development software is very easy to use and you don’t even need coding experience to build on our platform! Our sophisticated iOS and Android app development software comes equipped with templates, which allows you to easily plug in your information to make apps in minutes. And don’t worry, the programming language for Android and iOS is already handled for you!

Lumavate’s App Making Software

So how do you get your hands on this app development software for beginners? How do you learn how to create stunning apps? After a quick phone call with us, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an app making software pro! But first, it’s important to understand a little more about Progressive Web Apps, including what makes them more beneficial than native apps and how they lead to a better user experience.

What Are Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)?

Progressive Web Apps are apps that are found on URLs instead of the app store itself. That means that you only need access to a web browser to have all of the capabilities and features of the app. In fact, these apps are saved to the home screen just how you view your other native apps. And the best part is, PWAs will work on any device and any mobile operating system. Say goodbye to standard native app development and say hello to the future that involves rapid mobile application development platform solutions!

Improved User Experience

So what are the top benefits of Progressive Web Apps? For one, they create a much-improved user experience. They provide the fastest way for cross platform mobile development, and building separate apps for separate operating systems is in the past! So how is the user experience improved? From faster page loading times to many accessibility features, Progressive Web Apps offer many outstanding benefits for a fraction of the price.

Get Started Quickly with Starter Kits

Looking to get started on Lumavate? Not sure where to begin? Once you sign up for our services, you’ll be guided through our process step-by-step so you can be fully aware of how to maneuver around our platform. And to get started quickly, we’ve designed very user-friendly Starter Kits. These kits provide templates that include a wide variety of mobile app development tools that can help you design your app very quickly! And this quality makes Lumavate unique because not many mobile application development platforms offer this! Using these templates is a great way to get your foot in the door and get you that much closer to cranking out apps in minutes! But in terms of quick turnaround times, most of our clients will create their very first app in only a few hours! Our application software also comes equipped with literature and tutorials on how to make apps that are focused on your goals. In addition, we also provide many resources on mobile app best practices so you can get the most out of your mobile investments. Take a look at a list of mobile applications you can easily create on our platform:

  • Wayfinding
  • Content Distribution
  • Survey
  • Image Recognition
  • Internal Communications
  • VIP Events
  • Lead Registration
  • Internal Tradeshow
  • And more!

While you’re designing these apps, we’ll also provide you with examples of mobile applications so you can see exactly how others have designed their apps, which could give you inspiration and guidance on how to create amazing solutions in minutes!

Mobile Application Development Platform Comparison

Although Lumavate is the best in the industry when it comes to mobile app software, it’s still important to look at a mobile application development platforms comparison. Below you’ll find more information regarding software companies who work similarly to Lumavate:


Flutter is a complete software development kit that allows users to build cross-platform apps.

Apache Cordova

Apache Cordova uses open source software that allows users to use different coding languages to design apps quickly.

Appy Pie

This is a mobile app development platform where users can create apps extremely fast, and no coding experience is needed.


Created by Adobe System, this software allows developers to build apps using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Lumavate Outshines Them All

While these may sound like beneficial choices, no one performs as Lumavate does. In fact, we are the only no-code platform on the market that offers Progressive Web Apps! We allow users to take advantage of all of the amazing PWA qualities while building apps with no technical coding needed!

Mobile Is Worth the Investment

Are you still deciding if mobile apps are worth the investment? Whether you’re an established company or a new startup, mobile is heavily trending at the moment. And with the cost of hiring developers quickly rising, more and more companies are turning to mobile app development software—some even turning to free app development software. But before we move on, let's look at some current stats about mobile, according to

  • 49% of people open an app over 11 times per day
  • 57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile applications
  • 21% of Millennials open up an app more than 50 times per day

Now that you see just how powerful mobile apps are, it's a no-brainer to spend a lot of time and resources with your mobile strategy. Mobile is the present and certainly the future. But when you do a quick google search for app building software, chances are that you saw many free options. While this software is tempting to use, you should first understand how this software isn’t suited for your needs.

You Get What You Pay For

While many businesses claim to offer the best free app builder, you should know that this software is extremely limited when it comes to features and capabilities. And given the explosion of mobile over the past few years, you should invest a lot of resources into your mobile strategy—and that means never using app development software for beginners free of charge. Not only can these companies claiming to offer the best free app development software provide ineffective services, but sometimes their “free software” is only free for a certain amount of time. With Lumavate, we always provide upfront pricing, and our features and services speak for themselves.

The Trend Toward Cross Platform App Development

The history of apps involves the use of native apps, which had to be built for only one operating system such as Android or iOS. But as technology is booming at an insane rate, there have been many advancements surrounding mobile app development. And what’s currently trending is called Cross Platform App Development.

What is Cross Platform App Development?

This development process involves apps that can be created for multiple mobile platforms. And in a world that is full of a wide variety of mobile devices, businesses were almost forced to transform the world of mobile apps and make them accessible for everyone. Cross app development has grown in popularity because it decreases costs associated with app development, and it also increases the time it takes for apps to be developed. Furthermore, the cross platform mobile app development tools associated with these apps are relatively simple to use—the developer must have knowledge of common coding languages, such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development Frameworks

And what’s amazing about cross platform apps is that there are many cross platform mobile development frameworks on the market today. But the features of cross platform app development frameworks vary, so it’s best to understand what you’re looking for before choosing a provider. What is the best cross platform app development 2019 has to offer? How can Lumavate help with cross platform app development 2019? Keep reading to learn more.

Lumavate is the Answer!

If you’re searching for the best cross platform mobile development tools 2019 has to offer, then look no further than Lumavate! And better yet, while other software companies require that you need knowledge of coding language, no coding experience is needed with us! So don’t pay attention to that free cross platform app development software and call Lumavate to start making breathtaking apps today!

The Lumavate Difference

Another reason to choose Lumavate is that we offer amazing resources to help our customers shine—and you get these resources for free when you sign up! There is a wide variety of resources you’ll receive from us, which include:

  • Mobile dev tools
  • Best practices
  • Platform tutorial videos
  • Support teams
  • Help content
  • And more!

We are happy to offer resources about mobile app development tools free of charge so you can get started quickly on your app-making journey!

We Beat Out the Rest

So what makes us better than a mobile app design software free of charge? For one, we provide an extensive library packed-full of tools and design elements (widgets and components) that can help you create the apps of your dreams. In addition, after browsing through a mobile application development platforms list, you won’t find another business that offers a no-code platform for building Progressive Web Apps. So give us a call today and get one step closer to Lumavate’s mobile application software download!

The Trend Toward Open Source Development

Another trend that we’re seeing in the mobile app world involves open source development. The mobile app development tools open source provides are built by someone who grants permission for others to use the software they’ve created. This opens up the door for apps to be created quickly, which is why many open source cross platform mobile development teams are forming on a daily basis. Lumavate borrows ideas from an open source mobile app builder thanks to our extensive library of elements. Using the same idea as open source mobile app development software, users are able to reuse elements that others created, and they can even add their own design elements into the library for others to use.

Create a free account today and see how Lumavate a transform your mobile app strategy!

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