Why Low Code App Platforms are Taking Over

Low Code App Platform

Low Code App Platform

What is low code? Low code has become more popular in recent years. A low code app platform is a platform that doesn't require a lot of programming. It's a great way for beginners to get started with app creation. Low code app platforms make it possible for beginners to create apps through drag-and-drop interfaces.

Low Code Platforms for Business Developers

Businesses are now looking for low code platforms so they can create, manage, and modify apps internally. With a low code app, business developers don't have to hire professionals. They can have their marketing teams create apps. Many professional developers are aloes using low code platforms for rapid deployment.

What is Low Code Development and Why Is It Important?

Low code development is a drag-and-drop WYSIWYG service, so you can create an app with limited programming knowledge. Low code development still requires some programming knowledge, but no code requires no knowledge of programming at all. Low code development makes it possible to create apps fast.

List of Low Code Development Platforms

There are a lot of platforms, such as Appery, Appian, and Mendix. Low code development platforms range from being free to very expensive and from requiring very little programming knowledge to a lot of programming knowledge.

But Lumavate is the only no code app development platform for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

Lumavate is a no code app platform. In Lumavate, marketers can build apps quickly using a WYSIWYG platform, and see faster results and ROI. Warren Rupp is an example. Even better, Lumavate has an entire inventory of starter kits that can be used as templates to create apps of all types.

Low Code Development Examples

There are many no code and low code platforms for mobile app development today. But Lumavate is the only no code platform for the building of Progressive Web Apps. Let's take a look at some of the most common low code development examples, the apps that support it, and what makes Lumavate special compared to those apps.

Low Code Development Examples

There are lots of low code examples, such as Appmakr. But most of these low code examples create either native apps or web apps, not Progressive Web Apps. Appsheet creates apps that are based on spreadsheets; an Appsheet review shows that it's very competent for that purpose. But Appy Pie creates native apps.

Low code examples vary. Some of them are built for developers. While they can make apps fast, you need to know the basics of app development. Others are built for regular people, but you're still going to have to edit configurations and modify code. No code development is truly made for professionals like marketers, because no code development systems don't require any programming knowledge at all.

What Makes Lumavate Different?

Lumavate is a no code app builder. It borrows from the open source no code platform philosophy by providing the Lumavate Library, a code snippet library that includes a number of Ionic Components. These are features that can be added to an app through the drag-and-drop interface.

With Lumavate's easy platform, you don't need a Low Code for Dummies book. Lumavate has easy, drag-and-drop features that make it possible to customize an app without any programming language. Lumavate's a no code platform for marketers and all apps are delivered as Progressive Web Apps.

Best No Code Platforms

What are some of the best no code platforms out there? If you want to develop a Progressive Web App, Lumavate isn't just the best; it's the only option.

What's the Best Low Code Platform?

There are many low code platforms available. Mendix is commonly known name, as is Zoho and Microsoft Power Apps. In general, low code platforms are usually designed for native apps. But WordPress can be considered a low code platform for websites, as can Drupal and Joomla. These platforms allow for programming and sometimes require programming knowledge but can still be used by beginners.

What's the Best No Code Platform?

You can get a free no code app builder with Lumavate. Lumavate provides free no code application development with Progressive Web Apps. As a no code platform, you don't need to know anything about programming to create a PWA with Lumavate.

While you can look for low code platforms in India or elsewhere, these platforms will require you to have some fundamental knowledge of app development. And there are a lot of free no code platforms out there, but most users aren't going to get much; either there's just a free trial or free subscription plan with limited features or they will need to pay for a premium account regardless.

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