What to Look for in an Enterprise App Development Company

Enterprise App Development Company

Enterprise App Development Company

Are you thinking about hiring an enterprise app development company? Before you move further, let's talk about how to develop a mobile strategy, why companies often invest in mobile apps, and what hiring a software company might really entail.

Many companies today are investing in enterprise apps. It makes sense. Internal apps increase company culture and productivity. External apps can greatly increase revenue and engagement. But when you create a mobile app, you first need to determine what type of app you want: a mobile-friendly website, native app, or PWA.

This is the first step and it's a critical one. A mobile app development company will usually focus on a single product; an app company will produce websites, native apps, or PWAs, not all of them. Working with an app design company is expensive and you will need to turn to your app development agency every time you need to modify your product. Further, a mobile apps company is usually not an expert in your brand, your audience, or your metrics.

This is why a lot of companies are choosing PWAs instead. PWAs are progressive web apps; they are mobile-friendly, responsive websites that also include some core native features, such as GPS for mapping, notifications for engagement, and more. PWAs are able to reside in a space between websites and native apps, making them more agile. Even better, a lot of companies can use no code or low code app development systems to develop their apps in-house, giving them the freedom to pivot their apps as desired.

Lumavate is the only no code system for PWAs. With Lumavate, a company can develop its app within minutes. Even better, Lumavate is specifically designed for marketers who want to increase their engagement and ROI.

Enterprise Application Development

What is an enterprise system when it comes to application development? Many enterprise organizations develop enterprise systems internally to improve productivity, company culture, training, and much more. Enterprise application development is similar to any business app development, but it's designed to support the needs and scales of a large enterprise. Some enterprise software development is very expensive; you could find yourself spending $50,000 with a platform like Outsystems, an enterprise software development company.

But Lumavate provides enterprise app development services at a low cost — you can get started free. PWAs are designed to easily scale in ways that a native app or even web app might not. Enterprise application development services are often expensive, but with Lumavate your marketers will be able to develop your app, and you can maintain it internally. And unlike other enterprise application development technologies, Lumavate is entirely cross-platform. You don't have to worry about porting your enterprise app to iOS and to Android.

Enterprise application development is uniquely challenging because it has to support the traffic and activity of a large enterprise, be accessible, and be well-secured. But Lumavate doesn't just provide all this. Lumavate also has Starter Kits already available for enterprise application development, so you don't need to do anything except click a few buttons. In minutes, you could have an internal communications app, a document management system, or a help desk ticketing system, ready to be launched for your SMB or your large enterprise.

App Development Companies Near Me

Are you thinking about hiring app development companies near me? Some organizations specifically look for local freelancers or developers in order to have a close eye on the progress and process of building their app. Others would rather hire a professional app development company in India, with the knowledge that app development companies elsewhere are often more affordable (though they may be more difficult to connect with).

When looking for software development companies near me, you should consider that it may be better to develop an app internally. While app development companies UK will do a great job, they don't know the intricacies of your company, your market, or your audience.

Today, companies have the technology to create apps on their own. Apps that are supported through their own internal teams and can be modified and maintained at will. A no code platform like Lumavate makes it possible to create an app with zero programming or development knowledge. Many people will try to find app development companies to keep the cost down, but there are free no code app builders like Lumavate that can give companies everything they want.

An enterprise app development company does not have to be complicated to produce a great app. Lumavate already has Starter Kits and the Lumavate Library to provide for complex features and functions without any programming necessary. At a minimum, a company should consider trying out Lumavate before it tries to hire a professional development service.

Mobile Apps Company

It's important for a modern company to have some form of mobile strategy, whether that means making sure to have a mobile-first website, partnering with a mobile apps company, or creating your own apps internally. But there's no one mobile app development companies list that you can look at because there are different types of mobile strategy. You could, for instance, look at the Big Fish app development studio or a mobile app development company Ahmedabad; either way, you're going to usually be looking at a native mobile app.

So, whether you work with a mobile app development company in USA or Ahmedabad, you need to know what type of app you're going for first. Lumavate's platform deploys Progressive Web Apps like the Warren Rupp app; apps that work across all platforms and all systems. You can create a single app for Android or iOS use, and even use it as a web app. PWAs are like web apps that also have native mobile features. They don't have to be downloaded. On Lumavate, they can be maintained by your own internal marketing team, so you don't have to pay for an external development solution, and so you can pivot easily when your customers' preferences change.

Best Mobile App Developers

There are some great mobile app developers out there. The best mobile app developers will follow the basics of mobile design, outlined in our Mobile Design Swipe File. An app development studio focuses on a lot of things, like where a user's eye goes on the app, how likely they are to engage, and so forth.

But when it comes to no code or low code app development websites, a lot of that has been done for you. Consider our Starter Kits. Our Starter Kits give you templates that have already been fully tested for their user interfaces and their user experiences. While you're able to change things around in our drag-and-drop editor and test out changes with your own market, you already start with something that has been fine-tuned and improved for user engagement.

And that means you get to skip some of the toughest steps that mobile app developers have to complete.

For app design and development, you don't have to know the ins and outs of UI or UX. We've already done the heavy lifting for you. Check out our video on how easy it is to build an app with Lumavate.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies

What are some of the top 10 mobile app development companies? There are a lot of developers that could be considered some of the top application companies in the world and it is something that you should consider when choosing a partner.

First, understand that it's global. There are publicly traded app development companies in the United States that will cost literally millions to work with. Some of the top mobile application development companies in the world work for systems like Salesforce; they cost a lot of money to use. On the other hand, some of the top mobile app development companies in India are quite affordable because the cost of labor is lower there.

When it comes to web and app development companies, the top 10s are always going to be much more expensive than developing your own app internally, however. This is why a lot of companies will end up hiring freelancers rather than hiring a whole web and mobile app development company.

App development companies do provide great user experiences, value, and engagement. The company doesn't need to handle anything; they handle their own split-testing and market research. But it's just not cost-effective. Most companies will spend more on their mobile app with these app development companies than the app will bring in.

The alternative is Lumavate. Lumavate makes it possible for companies to create their own apps with a cross platform app development framework. These PWAs can be used anywhere and on any device. They are highly competitive with the apps that a top 10 or top 100 application development company could provide.

Enterprise Application Development Course

It can be difficult for some people to build an app if they don't have coding experience. There are a few ways that you can start to learn, but it's going to take some time. You can begin with enterprise application development books, look at an enterprise application development example, or download a Java enterprise application development kit. The Android SDK is a popular platform for enterprise application development tools.

And it'll take time. Even in a bootcamp, it will often take about six months to become competent with application design, and perhaps another six months to master it.

But instead of learning enterprise application development tools, taking an enterprise application development course, and then building an enterprise application development platform, you could use Lumavate. Lumavate is a no code app development system, which lets you create an app and tailor it to your business without having to learn how to program or how to develop an app.

Lumavate is free. You can try out the Lumavate platform right now to see what it can do for you.

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