Evaluating Which Web Application Development Software is Best for You

Easy Web Application Development Software

Easy Web Application Development Software

If you're like a lot of people, you might have wondered what the difference is between a website and a web app. The truth is that it's become blurred over time. A website is generally static; a web app is dynamic. And then there are Progressive Web Apps; web apps that also have features that are native to mobile, such as pushing notifications, or accessing a cellphone camera. Most companies today need to have a web app or a native app to capture mobile customers. A PWA is often the best method of garnering mobile engagement.

With easy web application development software, one of the most accessible coding tools in software engineering, even marketers can create PWAs in an easy, no code environment. There are many no code and low code front end tools for web development, but only Lumavate is a no code platform for PWAs — one of the most efficient and modern software development tools.

The web has changed over the past few years. There is more opportunity than ever to start using the web within a digital strategy, starting with Progressive Web Apps. Progressive Web Apps have all the functionality of a traditional web app and the benefits of native apps, too. They don't need to be downloaded through the web store, but they can be accessed through an icon on the user's screen. They can send things like push notifications, but they improve engagement by being so accessible.

Lumavate is designed with marketers specifically in mind. With Lumavate, marketers can create a Progressive Web App that functions well both through a browser and on a mobile device. Marketers will be able to easily update the app as needed to capture their audience — and can pivot their strategies on their own without the help of a developer.

App Development Software for Beginners

Web apps, mobile apps, PWAs — what's the difference? If you're interested in developing apps, the first step is to decide what type of app you need. Do you need a browser-based web app? Do you need a mobile app that's downloaded to a user device? Or could you use a Progressive Web App — an app that's browser-based but has the functionality of a mobile app?

What app development software you use will depend on what you're doing. There's a lot of iOS and Android app development software out there, which will package your app up for distribution. But you'll then need to submit it to the Google or Apple store.

Before you get app development software for beginners, you need to know what type of app you're building. App making software can create websites, web apps, or PWAs. There are systems like Appery which provide an app creator software free download. But Lumavate is the only app platform that actually lets you make no code Progressive Web Apps designed with marketers specifically in mind.

PWAs are the way of the future. PWAs are what you love about native mobile apps combine with the power of the web. And because of that, most people will find their marketing strategy best served with a flexible, accessible PWA.

Best Web Development Tools

What are some of the best web development tools? There are a lot of common software developer tools, depending on your goals. The best web development software depends on the type of web development you're doing. Thinkful is a great resource on how to learn to code, as is Codecademy. Lumavate has many blogs, downloadable resources, and podcasts to those who want to learn more about progressive web apps and the digital marketing space.

But realistically, most marketers and advertisers don't want to learn about the best professional web design software. They want to focus on actual web design. You don't need to know anything about web design to use the no code platform of Lumavate.

Best Free App Builder

So, what's the best free app builder? If you're looking for free app development software, you're in luck. There are a lot of free web design tools, but you need to know what you look for. The best free app development software usually starts out free, but you have premium tiers of service.

There are companies like Adalo and Betty Blocks which are low code or no code systems. On their most basic tiers, you can use them for free. If you have more users and more activity, you need to start paying. And that's a good thing because that means that customer service and support are available.

When you see a completely free app development kit, it's usually that it lacks the features and customizability that you need, or that there's no customer support available. If you're not experienced with building apps, that could mean that you run into significant problems later on.

Take a look at Lumavate's free pricing. You have unlimited apps, 100 unique monthly users, online help, chat and email support, and more. Lumavate sets you up for success. You can create your app and you only need to actually pay if a lot of people are using it. Compare that to something like Adalo, where you're limited to 50 rows of data and can't grow past that.

Open Source Web Design Software

The web was founded on the ideal that it would be free and accessible to everyone. As the web has evolved, that has been augmented through open source. Open source is both a development initiative and a philosophy. Open source web design software can be used and altered by anyone, although there are some licensing requirements. There are many open source mobile app development software suites available today.

There are a ton of options when looking at open source web development tools; Lumavate borrows from the idea of open source with the Lumavate Library. 

Software Development Platform List

If you're looking for a full software development platform list, you should be aware that there are all sorts of software development tools and techniques out there.

Professionals often use Adobe Dreamweaver Website Design software, but this software is designed for the development of websites not web apps; in other words, front-end design. It's one of the most common Windows application development tools for the design and GUI of a website.

For back-end work, a lot of people use the WordPress website design software. This is a development tool that provides both front-end and back-end management. It's designed primarily for blogging, but it can be used for other things.

Drupal, Joomla, etc, are other content management systems, which make it possible to develop fully-featured web apps, often in a low code or even no code environment.

But they don't design progressive web apps. A mobile first mindset is very important when developing websites today. Lumavate is the only no code development system for PWAs.

Web Application Development Platforms 

If developing a mobile app doesn't make sense for your company, there are other channels to consider — like just a regular website. You need to think about this before you commit to a web application development platform. Primarily, you need to consider how mobile SEO factors in to your overall strategy.

There are many web application development platforms like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. But a web development software list will usually contain platforms designed for websites. While these websites can be responsive, they aren't going to provide for mobile features such as notifications.

Web application development software is primarily designed for the web browser first and mobile second. And if you get web design software free, you may not have the support that you need to customize your site for mobile use.

Many companies, such as Starbucks, found their engagement going up tremendously when they invested in a mobile first philosophy. Getting web design software free from a web designing software list might be an easy solution, but it might not be the right long-term strategy if you do want to hook a mobile audience.

There's a lot of web development software out there, including offline website builder software, React Native software solutions, and more. Finding out what your site needs is the first step.

Web Development Tools

What is a web application development tool? Web development tools are platforms and frameworks that make it easier to develop an application for the web. Some programmers will develop an app from scratch in a text editor, but that's the "hard way" of developing. A web application tool can range from a no code, low code, to full coding environment.

Lumavate, Lighthouse, and Ionic Framework are all designed to help individuals with the building blocks of an app. Lumavate is a Progressive Web App development platform that makes it possible to develop PWAs with no code at all. Lighthouse is a tool that's designed to show you how your web application performs, so you can optimize and improve it. And the Ionic framework is an open source framework that's even used in some of Lumavate’s Library Components.

When it comes to web application development tools, there are many varieties available. Lumavate is the leading no code Progressive Web App developer. Many web development tools 2021 are moving toward PWAs, but only Lumavate makes it possible for marketers to create a web app with no code at all. You don't need to know web development tools and techniques and you can get the Lumavate web development tools free.

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