Lumavate vs. Betty Blocks

Choosing the best app building platform

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Lumavate vs. Betty Blocks

Here's why thousands of users chose Lumavate over the competition

    • Designed to enable everyone in the business to build apps, whereas other platforms require a more tech-savvy user 

    • Enterprise-grade benefits for everyone with oversight and management of all apps via the Command Center

    • More than 150 visual elements and integrations all built by Lumavate

    • Unlimited App Builders in the Studio

    • Scalable across hundreds of personalized apps or use cases; build anything from a wayfinding app to employee onboarding to product information

    • More than 35 app templates

    • Each app is delivered as a Progressive Web App and it works across all devices and operating systems

    • Apps can be accessed through QR codes, Near-field Communication, text activation, or through a URL

    • Live training available each week and chat in product

    • Ability to segment app building access by brand, business unit, etc.

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