Have you ever wondered where to start your digital marketing plan? Well, here's a short synopsis that will help you get an idea of where to begin.

Digital Marketing Plan

Digital Marketing Plan

Creating a digital marketing plan is no small task...that’s why many marketers early on in their career will often ask their mentors how to create a digital marketing strategy. This is a loaded question because creating an online marketing strategy depends on a lot of things. First, the way you develop a marketing strategy in 2019, is very different from how marketing leaders will create a marketing strategy in 2022. If your brand is currently writing a digital marketing plan for the upcoming year, Lumavate can help achieve your business goals. Lumavate enables marketers to build mobile apps as quickly as their business moves. With Lumavate, you can better reach your customers on the device they love the most.

The world has changed so much in the last few years, especially with technology and consumer behavior ever-evolving. If you were to look at a digital marketing introduction ppt 2018 now, you would laugh at how many things have changed. First, mobile has intersected almost every aspect of a consumer’s life. For instance, consumers are buying from their homes. What this means for you and your business is that you need to add “make the move to mobile” in your digital marketing monthly plan. An easy way to incorporate this into your different digital marketing strategies is to make sure your brand’s emails are optimized for mobile. No one wants to pinch to read small text on mobile. Follow these best practices for email design on mobile and your brand is sure to stand out from the crowd.

Digital Marketing Campaign

Want to add mobile to your digital marketing strategy? There are a few things we need to cover before you start implementing your next digital marketing campaign idea. Did you know mobile isn’t a channel? A lot of marketers get confused when they’re reviewing the various digital marketing channels 2019 has to offer. And we get it… there’s a lot to cover with mobile. Another thing to note about mobile is it’s not just about creating a mobile app; mobile is so much more. The digital marketing landscape evolves as quickly as technology does, partially because they are one-in-the-same. Take voice and wearables as digital marketing campaign examples. When these technologies first came out, marketers had to develop a voice strategy. Have you ever heard what Alexa has to say about your brand? If your answer was no, then you may want to try it. When we sat down with Chief Evangelist at Amazon Alexa, Dave Isbitski, on Mobile Matters, he recommended having brand guidelines for voice because voice is another extension of your brand. And as consumers continue to partake in the wearable technology trend, marketers will need to develop a smartwatch engagement plan.

Marketing Plan Template

OK, so you’ve heard our speech on the importance of incorporating mobile into your digital marketing plan and now you’re ready to put pen to paper (rather fingers to a keyboard). We love the expression, “work smarter, not harder”, so looking for a marketing plan template seems like the obvious choice. You could look for a digital marketing strategy template 2019 to use for the upcoming year, but that wouldn’t do you that much good. Why? Because the entire digital marketing strategy framework has changed so much in the last few months! What worked in a digital marketing plan template a year ago will not work today.

Rather than looking from a digital marketing plan example, we suggest taking the advice of some of the best marketing and tech leaders in the world. And what better way to do that than listening to the Mobile Masterclass podcast episode. In our audible digital strategy example, Marsha Villasenor recommends looking at the frequency of your messaging. If you’re sending something out repeatedly and audience members aren’t opening it up or responding, they’re just not interested, plain and simple. She recommends purging these uninterested audience members from your subscriber list. And before you think we’ve lost it, hear us out. Just because they’re not interested in this one particular channel, doesn’t mean they’re not interested in hearing from your brand in other channels, like social media. If you’re looking at ways to better engage with Generation X on social media, check out this infographic. And while this isn’t a free marketing plan template, it will sure feel like one with the plethora of tips on how to better engage with consumers on mobile. For instance, did you know that smartphones aren’t just a “Millennial thing”? Yep, that’s right. Baby Boomers are quickly adopting mobile to research products and services they’re interested in.

Top Digital Marketing Trends 2019

Marketing trends change faster than the weather. So some of the top digital marketing trends 2019 had might not be some of the same marketing trends for the next five years. Because digital marketing trends change so fast, many marketers only write a 3 month digital marketing plan, as to not plan too far ahead and then have to change everything (like marketers did in spring of 2020).

A tried and true channel that is on a B2B digital marketing trends 2019 list is email. Guess what everyone? Email is not dead folks. It’s just a click-bait headline that receives a lot of clicks. But in reality, email is one of the most effective channels out there; in fact, it’s driving a 38 to 1 ROI. As marketers, we would all love our email open rates to be 100 percent right? Well, unfortunately, that’s not a realistic goal to achieve. If you want to hear some digital marketing goals examples for email, be sure to check out Chad White’s episode on Mobile Matters. He knows the ins and outs of email marketing so well, he wrote a book on it! And if you’re ready to upgrade your email marketing strategy, check out these email marketing metrics you should be tracking.

Answering Digital Marketing Strategy Questions

Before you implement an effective digital marketing strategy, you’ve got to ask your team the hard-hitting digital marketing strategy questions. Don’t know what those are? Let’s take a dive into some digital marketing strategy smart insights. Read any digital marketing strategy ppt and it will tell you to ask yourself who your audience is. Are you reaching Millennials using SMS? Or are you creating paid ads for Gen X to view as they scroll endlessly on social media? Honing in on who your audience is will help you determine where to start. In this digital marketing strategy PDF, we cover the next question which is which digital marketing platforms 2019 are you using? Are you building a native mobile app, a mobile website, or a Progressive Web App (PWA)? You don’t have to look at another digital strategy PPT to know we think you should create a PWA; they’re everything you love about a native mobile app minus the app store download. Plus they’ve seen an enormous amount of success. Still confused about what the technical requirements are for a PWA? Google developed a checklist of all of the things developers need to be aware of when creating a PWA.

Digital Marketing Assignment Topics

Maybe you haven’t started your career yet. Maybe you’re still building on the foundation to start your marketing career, which means you’ve probably seen hundreds of marketing presentation ppt. To save you from seeing another marketing ppt, let’s go over some tips you can use in your next social media marketing assignment. First up this social media marketing plan assignment is to make sure your campaigns are mobile-centric. Are your videos captioned? Are you tailoring your messaging for different channels? You might not get introduced to optimizing videos for mobile in any of your digital marketing activities, but simply suggesting this tip might earn you extra credit.

A digital marketing introduction ppt 2018 may have left out the importance of mobile marketing. With mobile marketing, your end goal is creating engaging customer experiences so the fun part is figuring out how and where you’ll meet them during the journey. If you're a professor looking for digital marketing assignment topics, ask your students to incorporate mobile channels into their next marketing project ppt. See what channels they recommend using, like SMS, voice, email, augmented reality (AR), and more. You might even have a student reference this blog in their next e marketing plan assignment!

One Page Digital Marketing Plan

Wouldn’t it be nice if our marketing goals could fit onto a one page digital marketing plan? There are hundreds of marketing plan Google Docs you can choose from online, but the best course of action is to forgo using a digital marketing plan template pdf. Now, we’re not saying don’t use a digital marketing plan template 2019 because we want you to do more work...it’s the opposite, actually! It’s fine to look at a digital marketing plan template to help get you started, but you might be influenced to do something that’s listed on the marketing plan example PowerPoint. A digital marketing plan ppt might suggest you use certain channels that don’t make sense for your brand. So make sure no matter if you’re creating a digital marketing plan 2019 or completing a digital marketing plan assignment, you utilize channels that make sense for your business.

How do you do this? Rand Fiskin’s episode on Mobile Matters gave great advice on how to figure out what channels work for your business. While it’s important to keep an eye on your competition, assess if your audience will respond well to it. For example, your competition might be incorporating AR into their mobile marketing strategy, but your consumers might not find the value in that technology. One thing that all businesses can benefit from, however, is incorporating Lumavate’s low code platform into their digital marketing plan 2020.

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