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Create Web Application Without Coding

Mobile App Builder 

Mobile app builder have helped organizations build apps on a smaller budget versus hiring developers. These platforms have the foundational building blocks already put in place to allow your team to start building the app that will work for your use case. This app building software can range from being no-code app builders to low code and even open-sourced. Let’s dive into the benefits of mobile app builders and how they can help you and your team build your next app.

  • Time To Market - The best no code mobile app builder can help you get an app up and running within weeks, if not days or hours. Due to the design of most app builders, the foundation is already in place and all you and your team need to do is figure out the flow of your app and use the drag-and-drop interface to build your app.
  • Cost Savings - With an app builder, pricing can be much more cost-effective. Instead of hiring an entire team of developers to create a native app over a number of months if not years, app builders help decrease the cost of building out your next app. 
  • Control - Lastly, app builders give you more control over what is being build out since there is less communication between IT and the marketing team needed. Open source no code app builders do exist that allow developers to make customization to a code build out on a no-code platform. Lumavate is one of the few no-code platforms that allow for such customization. 

Now that you have a foundation for why mobile app builders have come to be and their benefits, let’s now look at the different types of app builder available today. 

No Code App Builder 

With the expansion of mobile app builder software, there are many choices to choose from that have different features, capabilities, and price points. From a no code app builder to low code and more there are many options to choose from. In this article we will look at some of the best no code app builders, free no code application development, and all the pros and cons to different types of app development. Let’s take a look at the three development styles used to build apps - open source, low code, and no code.

  • Open Source Open source refers to software that is publicly available rather than controlled by the original programmers. Therefore it can be modified, copied, and shared with others. So in terms of an app builder, open source means users can easily access, use, and modify the code of the builder. 
  • Low-Code - Low code means there is no coding required to use the app platform, but you can make changes to the existing code or bring in your own code if you want. 
  • No-Code -  No code app builders means no coding is required to use the app platform and there is likely no option to change the code. However, everything you need is already built for you. 

Low-Code and no code development platforms are on the rise in the rapid application development market (RMAD). You’ll even come across many free no code app builder. It’s important  when deciding if you should try a ‘free’ app builder to look at the best free no code app builders like Lumavate. Lumavate is a leading no code database app builder that will scale with your company from the free stage to other subscription plans. Lumavate recommends doing research before choosing a free app builder or a free no code database web application builder, as there are often risks with this option. Many ‘free’ app builders do not offer the security and scalability that Lumavate will offer your company with its free plan. 

No Code Platforms 

Let’s now look more at the no code platforms and what all no-code has to offer marketers. As a marketer, you always have to think about the bottom line. You are already wondering how to create an app for free. Even with a free app, there are plenty of costs to consider in distributing the software and using it to market successfully. With so much to consider, let’s make things easy. Lumavate is a no code app development platform that lets you fully develop your app without being a professional computer scientist. Anyone can be considered a no code developer because anyone can build an app without having any development fact Gartner calls them citizen developers. Lumavate was designed specifically to empower marketers to make the tools they need to succeed. You can create new apps from scratch on one of the best free app builders available.

The power to build an app on the best no code platforms is something that redefines marketing at its core. You can directly reach and interact with every mobile device user on the planet.

Build a Web App 

No code platforms can be used to build a multitude of apps from native apps, to web apps, and even the leading technology of progressive web apps (PWAs). Let’s briefly review what each type of app is and the best way to create a web application or any app type through no code.

  • Native Apps - Native apps are the standard when it comes to building apps, but the tide is starting to change rapidly. When native apps are built, they can only be used on the operating system they’re built for which cause many tech companies to start to search for alternatives like the ability to build a web app. 
  • Web Apps - A web app is viewed through a browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. It adjusts regarding whether it’s being viewed on a desktop platform or a mobile platform. Only a single web app needs to be managed and maintained. There are many options to create web app online. The easiest way to build a web app is through a no code platform and you don’t have to figure out how to make a web app with python.
  • PWAs - A Progressive Web App is an app that utilizes web capabilities to create an outstanding web experience. These apps function just like normal apps, but they use websites for data storage and functionality, instead of the storage on your mobile device. (The best of both native and web apps.) That being said, compared with websites and native apps, PWAs are much more beneficial. Lumavate is a famous web app builder that helps teams build leading PWAs.

As you can see there are many different types of apps that can be build on app builders. If you are interested in building a PWA there is sense to learn to build web apps. PWA no-code platforms are the leading technology to get away from web app builder javascript and web based database applications. There are free web app builders that can show you what is possible with web app development, such as bubble app builder. However, make sure to check out Lumavate, the leading no-code PWA app builder. 

Create Web Application Without Coding 

We went into the details of what a native app, web application, and PWA is and now we will look particularly at web application building without coding. Finding a mobile app builder that helps you create web applications without coding is not difficult in the market. You can find all different types of web application builders and no code website builder. It’s important though that you find the best no code web app builder for your specific use case. Many software companies are moving away from no code web app builder and moving towards progressive web app development. The leading progressive web app builder is Lumavate. Lumavate can help your company build the next digital experience with its no code web app builder. The open source portion of Lumavate allows marketers who are experienced with JavaScript or has a developer on the team to customize specific components. Often no-code platforms do not offer this flexibility. Lumavate also offers building a web application tutorial through live trainings! If you are looking for a specific app builder to help with database app creation take a look at the database builder Caspio. Caspio is a database application builder for web apps that allows your team to build database apps without coding. It’s use case is different from Lumavate but is a great no-code option when building database applications. 

Famous Apps 

Famous.Co and the famous studio app are another platform that is know for web app development. Famous create web apps without coding and allow users to create apps without any coding. Famous apps can be created in a web app format or a progressive web app format. The famous studio reviews point out that there is not much customization as other leading PWA platforms similar to Lumavate. Famous apps have been created by a handful of companies and pricing can range from a 7-day free trial to pretty pricey subscriptions.  Famous is not a no code desktop app builder.

AWS Web Application Architecture 

Lastly it’s important to understand how some no code SaaS platforms host their data and backend. Most of the time SaaS builder companies use the aws web application architecture to host data. Individuals can build apps on aws lambda web application but hosting is a different story. Many people question how to build SaaS on AWS and you can find more information on AWS architecture and web hosting here.  If you are thinking more along the lines of how to build a SaaS product or how to build a Saas startup make sure to network with others who have done it before and learn and listen. If you’d rather just build an app using no-code without having to worry about building your own SaaS company, make sure to check out Lumavate, the leading no code PWA platform!

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