What Type of Marketing Is Mobile Marketing?

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: May 21, 2023

What is Mobile Marketing?

The meaning of mobile marketing is a type of marketing in which companies promote their products or services via a mobile device. There are many different ways teams can engage in mobile marketing including mobile advertising, mobile apps, mobile push notifications, SMS campaigns, QR codes, and more. It is important to review what channels your audience interacts with most to find the best fit. Not all mobile marketing tactics will resonate with your audience. Do research into what is more likely to work before you invest. 

There are many mobile marketing software platforms available to help your team create and manage their mobile marketing strategy. These tools can help with tasks such as building web apps, managing SMS campaigns or push notifications. 

What Type of Marketing Is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is one of the channels within digital marketing. Digital marketing is a type of marketing in which companies promote their products or services in a digital format. Different types of digital marketing include email marketing, digital ads, search engine marketing, and social media marketing. Much like with mobile marketing strategies, it is important to know your audience and market to them using the types of mobile marketing that will resonate with them. 

Mobile marketing should not replace your other channels of marketing like print, radio, and TV. Your mobile marketing strategy should work in tandem and complement your other marketing efforts. 

What Are Mobile Examples?

Mobile marketing consists of many different channels to engage audiences on mobile. These channels include mobile app marketing, mobile advertising, QR codes, SMS campaigns, mobile push notifications, and others. Mobile marketing campaigns can in all formats and can be flashy and eye-catching as well as simple and straightforward. 

Burger King caught the attention of audiences with their augmented reality mobile marketing campaign. The brand invited audiences to set fire to the competition’s ads for a chance to win a free Whopper. This campaign caught the attention of the audience and landed Burger King in the spot of best mobile marketing examples. 

Other mobile marketing examples include social media. Ocean Spray enlisted the help of social media influencers to promote Craisins. The campaign showcased influencers using dried cranberries in recipes leading up to the holidays. A relatively simple campaign brought more attention to the product and drove a 4.2 percent sales life to the product. 

IKEA Place gave their customers an augmented reality tool to help them make more informed purchases. Shoppers can browse the catalog on their mobile devices and choose to see how the pieces would fit in their homes. The experience gives shoppers the ability to trust their purchase will work in their home. 

What Are the Four Benefits of Mobile Marketing?

One of the first mobile marketing advantages is the broad access. There are 307 million smartphone users in the United States. 85 percent of American adults use smartphones. Most adults have a smartphone in their pocket, there for most adults interact with mobile marketing every day. Checking a mobile device is part of their routine. By meeting your customers on mobile your marketing is becoming a part of their routine. 

The next greatest benefit of mobile marketing is immediacy.  97 percent of all SMS messages are read within 15 seconds of delivery. When the smartphone in your customer’s pocket dings for a notification they are more than likely to review the content. No other marketing channel sees a quick response like SMS does. 

The third benefit of mobile marketing is the amazing open rates. As stated earlier 97 percent of SMS messages are read within 15 seconds of receipt. No other method has that kind of engagement. Think about the power of engaging 97 percent of your target audience in 15 seconds. Open rates alone are a good reason to invest in mobile marketing. 

Last but not least, the fifth most valuable reason to begin a mobile marketing campaign is cost savings. Mobile marketing is incredibly cost-saving compared to traditional marketing methods like print ads, radio, or TV. 

All of these factors contribute to the importance of mobile marketing but it is important to keep in mind there are advantages and disadvantages of mobile marketing. A few disadvantages are the sometimes steep learning curve to learn new tactics. Because mobile marketing is relatively new, not every marketer has experience with it. 

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