What Are the Largest PIM Software Companies?

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by Lumavate | Last Updated: Mar 28, 2024

As the marketplace expands, so does the demand for better-quality products. Product Information Management (PIM) helps you easily access your product data and information so your brand has the most recent, up-to-date information to make decisions and communicate with channel partners and customers.

But with so much already going on within your company, how can you effectively manage data within your manufacturing, CPG, or medical device business?

Product information management software (PIM) is a centralized solution that helps you effectively curate and transform data related to your products. PIM programs vary greatly, and it can be challenging to choose the best solution.

Join us as we explore some of the best top 10 PIM software on the market and product information management system examples. By the end of this guide, you should have more clarity about all of the PIM tools in market and which one is right for you.

What Is PIM Software Used For?

PIM software has some core functions that are necessary for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, and anyone close to the creation, improvement, or sale of goods. A PIM software acts as a centralized hub and source of truth for product information.

The best PIM software also includes integrations (or native functionalities) of Digital Asset Management (DAM) software. The combination of a PIM and a DAM guarantees that all product information and associated digital assets are used to their full extent.

Images, videos, documents, training modules, how-to guides, and audio files are examples of digital assets.

PIM and DAM software are dedicated solutions that go above and beyond storing product information and assets using standard solutions, such as Microsoft Excel and Dropbox. Dedicated PIM software is required for all firms that are serious about their supply channels and product information so that you can effectively store, manage, and curate this data.

Who Uses PIM Software?

Imagine that you are trying to coordinate different departments on the launch, design, editing, and marketing of a product. The manufacturing, engineering, and design teams need to coordinate the various product specifications, design sheets, and packaging.

The marketing and sales teams need to know all relevant information that should be marketed to clients and channel partners to start moving the product. Other customer-facing teams, such as account management and customer service, need to know the benefits and limitations of the product so that they can handle objections.

Compliance and governance teams must also be kept in the loop to mitigate risk and communicate effectively with all regulatory bodies.

Although the ultimate responsibility falls to the marketing team, specifically the Product Information Manager, many departments require updated information to serve clients and product development better and confidently answer questions.

PIM software effectively manages product data and related digital assets, ensuring your enterprise has a single source of truth that all required team members can access.

What Is an Example of a PIM?

Many solutions are on the market, but few have cracked the code of being strong contenders for the top spots within the PIM competitive landscape. Here are some of the best names to get you started on your due diligence journey:

Akeneo PIM

Acquia PIM

Plytix PIM

Inriver PIM

Sales Layer PIM


What Are the Largest PIM Software Companies?

The demand for product information management grows daily as brands look for proper solutions to effectively manage data and distribute it meaningfully across teams with minimal obstacles.

The world of PIM buzzes with solutions to match these needs; each is vying for your attention. While the most significant players, like Acquia and Akeneo, have large customer bases, size isn't everything.

Large companies struggle with agility, and so do their enterprise clients. This means that new features only trickle out a few times a year, which leaves your team wanting. Large companies can also feel impersonal, and you can feel lost in the crowd when trying to reach support or an account manager.

Lumavate is nimble and innovative, with all of the resources of a large player. We release features every two weeks (and guides on how to use them!) and offer exceptional customer service, ensuring you get the support you need to maximize the value of your PIM investment.

Choosing a PIM solution isn't a one-size-fits-all game. Consider all of your needs – frequent updates, personalized service, or a massive user base. With this in mind, you can find the PIM platform that enables your business to thrive.

Lumavate: Beyond a PIM Solution

Product information management is critical for your company, especially in the manufacturing, CPG, and medical device industries. You'll need up-to-date information and product data to make accurate decisions that are based on accuracy and provide your channel partners and customers with correct information about your products.

Lumavate goes beyond a PIM solution. It combines all the additional benefits of a DAM and DXP, creating a holistic Product Experience Management (PXM) platform that gives you full control over your product information, digital assets, content creation, and digital experiences.

With over 40 out-of-the-box features and text messaging, Lumavate is considered 75 percent more cost-effective than any other solution, priding itself on transparent pricing with a sustainable focus.

Demo your free trial of Lumavate today to see your new comprehensive solution in action. Meet with one of our experts and your brand will see how easy it is to start creating beautiful digital experiences and centralizing all of your product information.

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