What Are the Costs of Creating a Microsite?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Take a look at your website’s sitemap. Overwhelmed yet by the number of pages and content? Bloated websites aren’t fun for anyone to navigate. Customers can get lost by the sheer amount of pages and resources on your site. That’s where a microsite comes in handy. Let’s take a deep dive into this type of digital experience and learn more about how organizations can build a microsite and what they could cost.  What’s the Difference Between a Microsite and a Website?  Think of a microsite as a mini-website. You wouldn’t likely put all of your company’s information on a microsite, as they are used for specific events,  campaigns, or content. A website is going to house all of a company’s information and can include things like a blog, product or service information, etc. It’s important to note that a microsite does not replace a company’s website, rather it enhances a brand’s overall digital strategy by offering another touchpoint in the customer journey for users to interact with.  What Are Examples of Microsites? When would a brand use a microsite versus another type of digital experience? It depends on the type of content a brand is wanting to display.  For example, a skincare brand might create a microsite for an upcoming pop-up event in a beauty store. This microsite could include content such as an event overview, video from the CEO or influencer generating excitement for the event, event agenda,  registration form, and more.  A lawn care equipment manufacturer may use a microsite to generate buzz for an upcoming product launch. The brand could include a detailed product overview that explains the features and benefits of the new product. They could include several how-to videos that show off how homeowners could use the new lawn care product. They could also include an integration to Google Maps showing where customers can purchase the new product.  Another example of a microsite could be a product training microsite for an industrial company. Because there’s a ton of content that comes with training a services team on how to use specific equipment, creating a microsite with specific video playlists, an interactive training checklist, product manuals, and more would be extremely beneficial to the company.  How Can I Create a Microsite?  A microsite can be easily created through software called a digital experience platform (DXP). A DXP essentially pulls in a company’s data and content and enables a business user to create a front-end experience, like a microsite, to display these digital assets.  Any business user can harness the power of a DXP. For example, sales teams can build personalized digital experiences to align with their account-based marketing strategies and tailor the content specific to each target account.  Marketing teams can use a DXP to create a wide variety of digital experiences, including a microsite for an upcoming marketing campaign to drive brand awareness or even a product lookbook to increase sales.  Costs of Various Microsites  Before creating a microsite, there are some considerations brands will need to think about before investing in a solution, including cost and timeline.  The cost of creating a microsite greatly depends on the platform or agency that a brand uses to create the digital experience. An agency will most likely be at the top of the budget for many organizations.  When an agency creates a microsite, there are several factors that go into the large price tag, including;  When choosing an agency to build a microsite, your marketing team is also at the agency’s mercy if any edits or updates need to be made to the microsite that could take extra weeks and more dollars.  That’s why we recommend using a DXP to build a microsite. Not only is using a DXP to create and launch a microsite more cost-effective (with Lumavate, you can get started building a microsite for free), but your brand will also have complete control over the project. Additionally, you won’t have to wait weeks or months to launch your microsite; when using a DXP, you can create a microsite in 30 minutes or less..  Start Creating a Microsite for Free With Lumavate, you can create a microsite for free. When creating a free account on Lumavate, you can choose between more than 40 templates to accelerate the creation of your microsite. You’ll also get access to a ton of integrations that seamlessly pull in your content and data to create a unified front-end digital experience.  Book a demo today and see how easy it is to create a microsite for free. Or get started creating a microsite today by creating a free account.

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