Top 5 Questions When Building an App

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Going from idea to app sounds intimidating. If you’re like me, you have no coding experience, and making an app by myself sounds impossible. I’m here to tell you it’s not impossible, with Lumavate’s no-code platform you really just need to be able to point and click a mouse and you can build your dream Progressive Web App (PWA) So building an app is easy, we’ve covered that but that doesn’t mean you won’t have questions along the way. So we’ve pulled together the top 5 most asked questions when building a PWA and put them all together to make it that much easier on you! Where do I start? Getting started is often the hardest part of any project but especially building an app. We’ve got you covered, with plenty of resources and tips.  We recommend setting up the Branding Section first. This is where you will make your app look and feel like your brand. The Branding Section allows you to set and forget key parts of your app’s design, like font and colors. This way you spend less time typing in hex codes and more time building.  Once you’ve set up your brand, now it is time to get into the meat of it, creating pages and adding components. Check out this quick on-demand training about getting started Where can I get inspired? Sometimes too many options can feel overwhelming and makes it even harder to start. Don’t worry, we have a plan for that too! Check out our App Gallery and App Building Tools to get a grasp on what is possible in the Studio. Get to know our Components and all that they can do so when you add them to a page you can hit the ground running! And if you need even more inspiration, check out our Design Gallery filled with some of our favorite page designs!  How can I build an app even faster?  Even though building an app from scratch is fast, we know you want to hit the accelerator button! Introducing Starter Kits. We have nearly 40 completely built-out apps that you can copy into your Studio in seconds to make your app-building that much faster. Add a Starter Kit to your Studio and make it your own by changing the branding, switching out Components that better fit your needs, and plugging in your content.  If you’re wondering, did they just make building an app even easier? The answer is yes, yes we did! 💡 Pro tip: if this is your first time building an app, we have a “My First App” Starter Kit that might be up your alley. I’ve started my app, but I need some more help! Don’t worry we won’t abandon you once you’re in the Studio! We are ready to help you along the way.  If you have questions about a specific Component you are working with, click the question mark at the top right of your screen, and help content will populate in the Studio. We know you don’t want to go searching for help so we are giving it to you with a click of a button.  If you’ve read the help content and still have questions, tap the chat icon next to your Studio name and one of our support staff will be ready to answer all of your burning questions. And to make it even better, you will be talking to a live person.  I’m done with my app, now what? Congrats! You’ve built an amazing app now you’re ready to Publish and ready to send it to your users! Clicking that little green button is exciting and everything you’ve been working towards it’s natural to have a few questions. We’ve outlined everything you need to know before hitting Publish in a different blog post! Because every app built in Lumavate is a PWA, there’s no need for your users to go to the app store to download your app! One of the best perks of building a PWA (if you ask me) is there are multiple ways for users to access your app: QR codes, text activation, Near-field Communication (NFC), and through a URL. TL;DR -Clicking Publish does not put your app in the app store, you need to promote your activation methods to get users! -You can always make changes and republish!  Now that you’ve got your basics covered jump into the Studio and start building! And if you have more questions, support is just a chat or email away!

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