The Secret Sauce to Your Next ABM Campaign

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Account-based marketing (ABM) feels like a hot topic for everyone right now; everyone and their brother are talking about it. But how many are doing ABM right?  Good things take time and so does ABM. The old “spray and pray” method, spoiler alert, doesn’t have a high success rate. You know what people do love? Highly personalized mobile experiences.  That’s where the fun of using an app builder, where every app that’s built is delivered as a Progressive Web App (PWA), comes in. With PWAs, you build once and the mobile app works on all form factors and operating systems, which cuts your development time down big time. Throw in the added bonus of using an app builder where you are in control of the project, and you’ve just enabled your entire sales and marketing team to deploy hundreds of personalized apps at scale.  Without further ado, let’s meet the ABM tool you need to add to your tech stack, like yesterday.  The Power of a PWA in Your Marketing Strategy Back in the day (OK, more like pre-2020), direct mail was a huge aspect of ABM for many companies. It was the “wow” factor in the campaign. But since most of us are still working from home, it’s a little creepy to send direct mail to someone’s house.  So why should a mobile app be an obvious switch for your campaign’s “wow” factor? Well to start, it’s different. If you’re like me, you’ve scoured blog posts, podcast episodes, and even Slack channels to come up with the next BIG idea. And no, I’m sorry to say it’s not a webinar. The combination of an experience that’s unexpected and on the device we love the most is invaluable to your marketing efforts.  But even if you’re still sending direct mail, you can place a QR code to your PWA for users to activate the experience. That’s part of the reason why we love QR codes so much. The world is your oyster with app activation and why you should incorporate a personalized PWA in your outreach.  The list of ways to include QR codes as an activation method for your PWA are endless, but here are some of our favorites:  If we haven’t convinced you yet on the power of PWAs, let’s bring in some cold, hard facts. When Lilly Pultizer introduced its PWA, it witnessed an 80 percent increase in mobile traffic. And when the Starbucks PWA was rolled out, the coffee giant doubled its daily active users. Think about what a PWA could do for your brand.   Meet Your New Favorite ABM Tool abm We know consumers love mobile. Why not show off all your brand has to offer with the ABM Campaign Starter Kit! Here are just some of our favorite pages within the Starter Kit: Just switch around the brand colors, add in your own content, publish your app, and you could have a powerful ABM tool at your fingertips in just a few hours!  Curate Highly Personalized Experiences  Send me an ordinary prospecting email and it will get moved to my trash faster than how quickly Netflix’s Squid Game was trending on Twitter. If you want to capture the attention of your prospects, you’ll have to include something in your email with a little more oomph. According to HubSpot’s 2021 State of Marketing Report, the biggest challenge felt by marketers with ABM is delivering a personalized experience. 😫 We know how effective personalized content can be. But creating that personalized content takes time and resources. By using the ABM Starter Kit, you can edit almost anything you’d like to better tailor the experience to a specific audience. abm For example, if you are running a CPG campaign at the same time your sales team is outreaching to banks, you could include use cases relevant to those industries, switch around a few featured podcast episodes, or tweak the messaging in any page. You could even personalize the PWA based on where the prospect is in your cadence. If they’re in the early stages of learning about your company, it may be helpful to include a more high-level overview of what your company or product does.  If they’re well into your ABM campaign and have met with a few members of your team, embedding a personalized video from someone they know using our Vidyard integration is a smart play to make their jaws drop. These changes feel small, but believe me, they will make a world of difference when it comes to the success of your ABM strategy.  Ready to kickstart your next ABM campaign? Create a free account on Lumavate to access the ABM Campaign Starter Kit. Then, simply copy the app template into your Studio and start customizing! Building an app truly is that simple (and so is crushing your ABM strategy)! 👊

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