Three CPG Brands That Are Nailing Mobile Experiences

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Apr 26, 2018

We’ve all been there: you swung by the store after a long day at the office to get groceries and finally remembered to get a new toothbrush–yours expired a month ago! But, lo and behold, when you’re brushing your teeth before bed, you use the last drop of toothpaste. Ugh! Tomorrow, you’ll have to go to the store...again. Those highly replaceable, low-cost items like toothbrushes and toothpaste are called consumer packaged goods (CPGs), and I’d be willing to bet that you're very used to swinging by the store and grabbing whatever’s on sale. CPGs traditionally haven’t gone out of their way to create an emotional connection around their buying experience, but big CPG brands are recognizing the need to create brand loyalists (especially in the time of v-commerce!) and turning their shopping experiences into customer-focused journeys. The best way to do this? On the device they’ve already got on-hand...their smartphones! By catering to consumers through mobile, CPG brands are creating an aspect of brand loyalty on trips to the store that may not always be convenient. Not shockingly, 44 percent of consumers desire a better experience around back-and-forth brand communication, proving that consumers care about the presence of CPG companies even when they’re not in-store. Companies that know this are finding that using unique and personalized mobile experiences, creating brand loyalty and high customer satisfaction. Who are our favorite mobile leaders in CPG? Let’s take a look! Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson created a “21 Day Challenge” in late 2015 for their Listerine brand that engaged customers and encouraged them to create a habit around using Listerine Total Care Zero mouthwash. Those participating in the challenge were inspired to show off their “Mouthtastic” progress with “#SwishSelfies”–selfies they took on their phones and uploaded to Facebook. The challenge received an ample amount of traction from those in the mommy blog space and senior marketing director for Listerine, Larry Page, said that they were anticipating 30 to 40 percent mobile traffic for the challenge. They wanted to optimize mobile responsiveness of their site so customers could easily order more mouthwash on their phones or tablets throughout the challenge, creating a seamless and interactive buying experience. Kraft Kraft’s Philadelphia Cream Cheese brand is using mobile to drive up in-store sales by creating rewards based on buying behavior. Shoppers can scan the barcode of the item they’re purchasing in the Kraft app, snap a shot of their receipt, and rack up loyalty points that can be converted into cash-back savings or opportunities to play exclusive, interactive games. Getting consumers to pull out their phones in the aisle and check the offers and revert the savings into a payout or gaming experience provides ample opportunities for increased engagement and brand loyalty. Kraft saw an average redemption rate of 15 percent during a 3-month period during this campaign. Procter & Gamble (P&G) P&G (parent company of Bounty, Dawn, Crest, and more!) used location-based marketing to bump up sales at one of their big-box store locations. The massive CPG brand partnered with wayfinding app, Waze, and big-box store, Walmart, to ping drivers with this ad for P&G products when they drove within a certain vicinity of a Walmart store. This not only drove traffic to P&G products, but also to Walmart stores–a win-win for both brands in this partnership. Using location-data based ads can help retain more customers through less ad noise, keeping them from getting frustrated about seeing ads that aren’t relevant to them. CPG companies are discovering the secrets to engaging with their consumers on mobile, little by little. And since 39 percent of shoppers said that brands not using mobile are “undesirable” and “outdated”, staying on top of innovation in mobile user experience can bring significant rewards to brands, all while creating a unique and personalized trip to the store for consumers.

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