Another Mobile Win for Hilton's HHonors App

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by Emily Rompola | Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018

In the increasingly competitive hospitality industry, finding ways to stand out from the competition is an integral part of winning new guests and keeping loyal ones. Hilton, the hotel chain with over 5,100 properties worldwide, has found a way to do this via their guests’ favorite handheld device–their smartphone. And the latest addition to the already impressive mobile app for their Hilton Honors guests is proving that this hotel chain offers a stay that’s not only mobile-friendly, but mobile-first. “Connected Rooms” Lead to Unforgettable Stays Innovation with mobile technology is nothing new to Hilton. The Hilton Honors app has long given HHonors guests the opportunity to manage room reservations and loyalty reward points, but a new mobile initiative is reimagining how guests personalize their hotel stays and transforming the hospitality industry.   In late 2017, Hilton began beta testing on a concept they call the “Connected Room”. With the help of the Hilton Honors app, guests can use their favorite device as a sort of in-room remote; They can easily control the room’s temperature, change the lighting, and open or close the blinds. Even the television is controllable with the app, and thanks to a new partnership with Showtime, guests can stream their favorite content from the HHonors app right to their TV! It’s clear that the hotel giant is catching onto the fact that today’s mobile-obsessed guests are craving connected stays that span far beyond just browsing and booking pre-stay. “The availability of in-app controls is the next step in allowing guests to manage all aspects of their stay from the palm of their hands,” says Jon Witter, chief customer officer at Hilton. Hilton has hinted future iterations will allow guests use voice commands, display photos in their room, and notify hotel staff of specific preferences before their arrival–and will how well they’ve followed through on their connected room promise, we’re sure these new features will be here before we know it. Keeping Guests Happy, and Gaining Insights Hilton, along with other hospitality brands integrating mobile tech in their guest experience, are not only delighting guests with more convenient stays, they are gaining valuable insights. With mobile’s help, brands are getting sneak peeks guest needs and preferences, and also better ways to manage hotel operations (namely energy usage, which is a major cost factor in the hospitality industry). Both are valuable insights in increasing efficiency while reducing costs.    In an industry saturated with similar brands and experiences, Hilton is taking advantage of the device guests already have on hand, and in turn providing a truly stellar guest experience.   

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