Team Lumavate Update: Lots to be Thankful For

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by Jillian MacNulty | Last Updated: Nov 22, 2016

Thanksgiving is right around the corner (which is hard to believe because here in the Midwest, it felt like summer up until just a few days ago). Since joining Team Lumavate earlier this year, I’ve found that there’s a lot to be thankful for: an amazing team with a wide range of skillsets; a great office space with a sweet Ms. Pacman machine (where competitions do get pretty heated); and some incredible companies that we’re lucky enough to have as part of our Lumavate family. Since it really is the season to give thanks, we thought we would reflect on some of the things we’ve been extra thankful for over the past few months.

Getting To See Lumavate In Action

From hearing stories about how Lumavate is working within their existing processes to enhance end user experiences to actually getting to join them on showroom floor and product lots, our customers have clearly developed as much of a passion for our product as we have. Last month, Hurricane Power invited Tim and Lauren from our Customer Success team to join them at GIE+Expo, where they would be launching their newest stand-on blower. Thanks to the great relationship Lauren had built up with Jon over at Hurricane Power, they were able to not only advocate for Lumavate, but for Hurricane’s “biggest, baddest, stand-on blowers” as well. Lauren even got a little swept up in the action…

Building Relationships with Our Customers

Just last week, our friends over at Wagner Equipment Company invited Aidan and Tim from our Customer Success team out to Colorado to help them apply the first batch of Smart Labels to their machines. Aidan and Tim spent a few days walking the lot, meeting the team and learning about the inventory all while applying nearly 200 labels. They returned from their time at Wagner with new ideas and great relationships with not only their main contacts at Wagner, but also some of the sales representatives they met on the lot.

Time to Give Back As a Team

As a team, we always try to gather everyone once a month to do a little “mandatory fun” - whether that’s hosting one of our Lumavate Olympic Games, having a chili cook off, or heading off-site for an Escape Room challenge (you can keep up with all of this Team Lumavate fun on our instagram account - we’re always posting!). But since November is the month of Thanksgiving, we thought it would be the perfect time to replace our normally less-than-serious team activity with something a little more meaningful, so we took an afternoon to give back at our local food pantry, Gleaners. In the true Lumavate spirit, our hard work at Gleaners was matched with a lot of fun. For three hours we inspected packaging and dates on dry goods, sorted food items, manned pallet-jacks, and, of course, cracked a few jokes. We, along with the other companies who were volunteering that day, helped to sort over 15,000 pounds of food and over 6,000 pounds of household items. As was emphasized at our company meeting the following morning, it’s so important that we give back to our community, and we feel lucky that we can do so as a team. -- We hope that you have a lot to be thankful for during this holiday season too! After you get your fix of turkey and mashed potatoes, feel free to sign up for a free account with Lumavate. Happy Holidays!

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