New Year's Resolution Time! Think BIG, Start Small

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by Tim Butler | Last Updated: Jan 5, 2017

It's that time of the year again: New Year's Resolution Time! Many times, most of us set lofty goals to "do better" in the new year. We all set out to Be More Healthy or Lose Weight. The year always starts off well, with every good intention, but come April (or maybe a little sooner if you’re like me) we find ourselves asking, “what was that goal again?” because we might have tapered off a bit, or lost sight of our true goal. Many times in setting these lofty goals for ourselves, it's easy to lose track of progress or even the end-goal. Who knows, it could be that life threw us a curveball, or priorities changed. I tend to think that we get distracted because, unlike many projects we work on day-to-day, the New Year's resolutions we set for ourselves are BHAGs: Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Yup, it’s the truth. Rather than setting key milestones for ourselves, we tend to jump straight into the hard stuff full-force, then get miffed when we don’t achieve that goal right away. But it can really pay off to start small when you’re dealing with those BHAGs. Reaping the Benefits of Starting Small For instance, take a look at one of our customers: Van Doren Sales. Their New Year's resolution was to utilize Lumavate as a brand differentiator. In doing so, there is content to be created, product offerings to be developed, and processes to be put in place. In our initial kick-off with Van Doren Sales, we took a step back and looked at the big picture. We decided to achieve that big-picture by setting some near-term goals that added immediate value, while also working our way toward achieving that BHAG. No reason to push off the starting line just because not everything was perfectly in place!
We decided to achieve that big-picture by setting some near-term goals that added immediate value, while also working our way toward achieving that BHAG.
Immediately we went to work to produce Mobile Experiences for trade shows, showing off the great set of products Van Doren Sales had to display. Sure, maybe the ideal content was not yet created, but the ability to show off the next generation of products and offerings with current content and branding, Van Doren Sales was able to use Lumavate Experiences to engage their prospects and customers quickly setting the stage for "What's to Come". Small Start...Huge Impact Although not slated to truly kick-off the vision for the new Van Doren Sales Customer Experience until the New Year, we were able to provide an immediate impact by staying focused on near-term objectives and milestones. In doing so, a strong foundation has been laid to truly shape and form their long-term vision for success. Like Van Doren Sales, I would encourage each of us to always have that BHAG in mind when setting our New Year's resolution. However, rather than trying to Be More Healthy or Lose Weight, how about we try it differently this year and think BIG, but start small. Let's focus on doing 25 push-ups a day for the month of January, or running a mile a week for the month of January. Both of those goals are measurable, and achievable. Before you know it, when April comes, we just might be doing 75 push-ups a day, or running 5 miles a week. -- Need a little help achieving your business' lofty tech goals for the year? Keep an eye out for our next blog post. We'll share a preview of what's to come in our new free guide all about Innovative Technology (which includes a step-by-step guide on how to get started in implementing disruptive technologies like the Internet of Things).

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