This is a solution we believe in.

Lumavate’s intelligent SaaS platform makes it easy to connect products and end-users at key moments in a product’s lifecycle. Combining the simplicity of smart packaging with the sophistication of IoT, Lumavate bridges the gap in Customer Experience by creating a new, captive channel that companies own and control – enabling them to monetize their IoT strategy and unlock new revenue streams to accelerate their growth.

The Lumavate Story

Who We Are

Made up of proven executives, active entrepreneurs, and seasoned professionals with deep experience in both manufacturing and software, Team Lumavate has unprecedented experience and a passion to match. We’re ready and able to be your “go-to” team for all your customer experience needs.

Where We Are

We’re located in the heart of Indiana: “flyover country”, as some of our friends on the coasts refer to us, but we don’t mind. If “flyover” means affordable homes, three minute “traffic jams”, world class universities, a great sports town, and a thriving tech scene, then we’ll take it!

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A Team with Strong Values

Lumavate is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that provides mobile solutions for manufacturers and dealers. We focus on staying ahead of the curve in technology so you can focus on what you do best. We know that mobile apps are becoming a thing of the past, so we provide a digital channel without the friction.