Progressive Web App Feature: Luxmart

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by Jillian MacNulty | Last Updated: Oct 14, 2018

As Cyber Monday draws closer and closer, it’s the perfect time for eCommerce brands to take a look at their mobile commerce site and make sure it’s ready for action. And it looks like eCommerce brand Luxmart did just that, as they released their mobile commerce site as a Progressive Web App just in time for the busy buying season. Ok, quick Progressive Web App (PWA) recap: It’s a new type of mobile tech that’s allowing brands to provide the highest standard of mobile experiences to their customers, whether they’re browsing online stores, scrolling through social feeds, or booking their next vacation. Brands across all industries have caught on to this technology that allows them to provide a fast, reliable, and engaging user experience–all without an app store download. It’s a frictionless mobile web experience you could provide, which is exactly why eCommerce sites like Luxmart knew to turn to a PWA ahead of the Cyber Monday rush. The Problem The Canadian eCommerce site for luxury mobile phone accessories and devices noticed that its slow load times were causing abysmal conversions–steadily below .6 percent for years (yes, years). While mobile conversions typically are lower than desktop, the industry average is still closer to 1.5 percent (and steadily climbing quarter over quarter). The Luxmart web team was consistently adding functionality to the website that was improving the desktop experience, but slowing down the mobile experience. And since over 85 percent of Luxmart’s traffic was on mobile, the team knew they had to make some big changes if they wanted to create a mobile experience that was both functionality-rich and quick enough to capture those conversions. The PWA With those criteria in mind, the team set their sights on a PWA. The PWA mirrors their desktop experience almost identically, but leverages made-for-mobile features like a hamburger menu, navigation bar, and the ability for users to opt in for push notifications. The Results Post-launch, Luxmart saw their conversion rates jump to an average of 1.24 percent–more than double what their previous mobile commerce site produced. The team even reports some days yielding conversion rates as high as 3.1 percent! After years of consistently poor conversions, the Luxmart team had finally cracked the code. Luxmart owner Elie Hantsis said, “The decision to transition to a Progressive Web App was a no-brainer, based on the page load increases we have seen. The resulting conversion rate lift and resultant revenue has surpassed expectations”. While early reports of the PWA’s Lighthouse scores said that the score in the PWA compliance category was a perfect 100, recent reports show that their numbers have since dipped: I’m sure the team is working to get those numbers back up to full compliance, but in the meantime the eCommerce brand is still seeing phenomenal UX results, and some great ROI to match–a perfect combo as they head into the busy holiday shopping season. Luxmart is just one of the many brands switching to a PWA and seeing major results. Check out our Marketer’s Guide to PWAs to see more great results from brands across all industries.

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