How Beverage Brands Are Competing in the Age of the Influencer

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by Katie Huston | Last Updated: Oct 15, 2018

With influencer marketing generating more than 10 times banner ad revenue, it’s no wonder industry after industry is hopping on board with this trend. Users love seeing their favorite influencer’s content and following along when they post products that they trust, and big-name beverage companies have taken notice. Here are a few brands that prove that the buzz (and revenue) is worth the investment when it comes to influencer marketing. Coca-Cola Coca-Cola’s “This One’s For” campaign debuted in 2017 and its use of European influencers helped bring the campaign to Europe’s younger customer base. The beverage giant signed on 14 Instagram influencers to reach their combined 2.2M followers with a #ThisOnesFor hashtag campaign. The influencers kept true to their content, creating a meaningful narrative around family and friends that they would share a Coke with. The campaign reached followers in several different segments, including a lifestyle blogger, a soccer freestyler, a travel Youtuber, and a fashion guru. Their unique audiences generated an engagement rate of 7.8 percent, doubling typical ad engagement rates at 1-3 percent. FIJI Water FIJI Water’s fresh and natural branding came together with fitness and lifestyle Instagrammer @weworewhat, Danielle Bernstein. FIJI Water created ad campaign content where users could sign up for a fitness course with Danielle and a trainer and receive 25 percent off FIJI Water’s home delivery orders. FIJI’s fresh and earthy brand went right along with Danielle’s followers’ commitment to fitness and natural beauty, a good match for both the influencer and the brand behind the ad. The influencer ad generated some buzz on the internet, created positive PR for FIJI, and promoted healthy living for Danielle’s followers. Heineken Beer brand Heineken partnered up with influential male Instagrammers and TUMI, a luxury suitcase brand, for their #Heineken100 campaign. TUMI’s new carry-on line featured Heineken beers and other goodies and was sent to influencers like Marcus Troy and DJ Neil Armstrong. These influential men posted their content with the #Heineken100 hashtag and promoted the campaign during its launch weekend. With over 1,500 posts, the campaign definitely got the attention of followers. Influencer marketing is an estimated $2 billion industry and brands are realizing that these social followings mean more to consumers than just a like or a comment. It’s a good way to get creative on your mobile strategy and it might make sense for your brand to start thinking about how you can create an influencer marketing strategy to engage your customers in an organic way.

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