Revealing Your Marketing Secrets

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Nov 19, 2020

We all have secrets. Whether it be your deepest darkest secret, a surprise you are planning, or that you ate someone else’s leftovers. It is natural to keep some things a secret, but can we all agree to stop keeping marketing secrets? At the end of the day, it really doesn’t get us anywhere. Don’t believe me? Take notes from James Winter’s and how he wasn’t afraid to share his secrets on his episode of Real Marketers. James is the VP of Marketing at Brandfolder, has had a decade of marketing experience, and he isn’t afraid to share what he has learned - the good and bad. It’s time we all do the same. Why We Hide Our Marketing Secret It makes sense why we want to keep the “secret ingredient” of our marketing strategy quiet. We think if we let it out, then everyone is going to start doing the same thing and we’ll lose our competitive edge. But that just isn’t true. Each company is different, and therefore exactly copying another brand’s marketing strategy will never lead to the same success. So instead of handing other marketers results on a silver platter, you are actually just helping them think about marketing in a different way. Plus, when you share your marketing secrets, others are more likely to share their secrets with you. Why It’s Important to Share When you are willing to share your marketing secrets, you are helping move marketing forward. If each brand decided to keep its marketing strategies to themselves marketing would have never seen a digital transformation and come as far as it has. This goes for both successes and failures. A lot of people think they should just be sharing what works well, but it’s also important to share what doesn’t work to help other marketers avoid the same mistakes. This is especially important with all the new mobile tech entering the scene. For example, if every brand had to experiment with augmented reality (AR) to find the best use cases for it or if every brand had to go through multiple MarTech tools to find the perfect tech stack, everyone would be frustrated. But, if marketers just share what works well for them and what doesn’t work well, everyone can start to help each other out and marketing overall will get better. How to Share With Others It might sound silly that there is a right and wrong way to share your marketing secrets with others, but there is. When you start to share your marketing strategy with others, you should be sharing tactical and actionable items that other marketers can go and implement. James is a great example of someone who doesn’t just share what he does, but how he does it. So instead of trying to protect the key to your marketing strategy, share it with everyone. Because when marketers start being open about what works and what doesn’t work, we will all get better.

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