What’s Apple Been Up to Lately?

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by Michelle Lawrence | Last Updated: Nov 17, 2020

While you’ve been binging The Great British Bakeoff or playing hours of Among Us (but that might just be me), Apple’s been busy. From hosting two big Apple Events (we live Tweeted the entire thing), debuting several new products, and developing a search engine, they’ve had quite the year. Here’s the low-down on everything the tech giant has in the works. The Latest and Greatest iPhone With zero places to go and an increasingly alarming addiction to my phone, the news of the iPhone 12 release caught my attention.  We’ve been hearing rumors of the new iPhone for a while now, so let’s explore what Tim Cook and team have cooked up for the latest installment of “Technology products I don’t need, but desperately want”. The new iPhone will have 5G technology, which will improve video streaming and download speed, as well as decrease annoying lag (this will make FaceTiming a lot more enjoyable). In case you need a refresher, 5G is going to completely transform what we’re able to do on a mobile device due to the benefits of ultra-low latency and speed. This also means that consumer expectations are going to increase once again (but I’m sure we’re all used to that by now). Move Over Google, You’ve Got Some Competition We may be nearing the end of an era. Will “Just Google it” become an outdated phrase (like, “Let’s go to the movies”)? In case 2020 hasn’t been strange enough, reports are circulating Apple is in the midst of developing a search engine. I guess if anyone was going to take on Google as a competitor, it would be Apple. So what would be different in an Apple search engine? User privacy. If you’re like me, you probably scoffed at that last sentence. I mean, how many times have you sworn your iPhone was listening to you? I do this at least three times a week. But hear me out...if Apple’s search engine is a complete bust, do you think the company will go under? Of course not. I’m not sure you know this, but Apple has a couple of different things to keep them afloat (like the device you’re probably reading this article on). There isn’t a huge need to generate revenue from ads like there is for Google. Therefore, your personal data will most likely be more protected with Apple’s search engine with less personalized ads. Is this news coming out of left field? Not really. Apple has made some recent news headlines that aren’t exactly frame-worthy (one of them including the Fortnite ban). The latest scandal from Apple focuses on the issue of the default search engine on Apple products. Google currently pays Apple an estimated $8-12 Billion per year to have its search engine be the default on all Apple products. But some have argued this deal is unlawful - hence the need for Apple to create its own search engine. As Apple continues to invest in the web, support and adoption of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) will surge. PWAs are the future of mobile. If you’re considering creating a mobile app, make sure it’s a PWA. It’s what the tech giants are moving towards anyway.

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