Mobile Brand Crushes: Thanksgiving Edition

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by Lilly Thuma | Last Updated: Nov 20, 2020

It’s no secret Thanksgiving is going to look a little different this year. We may not get to have our large gatherings with all of our friends and family, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep up with our Thanksgiving traditions. In fact, there are many brands out there working to make sure traditions survive this wild year. Download an App, Get a Free Dinner Times are tough right now, but Ibotta wants to make sure everyone can still enjoy Thanksgiving dinner while simultaneously downloading their app. Ibotta is partnering with Butterball, Campbell Soup, Coca-Cola, and Walmart to make their Thanksgiving campaign possible this year. They are offering 100 percent cash back on up to nine Thanksgiving Day specials. They will also be donating to Feeding America to help support others who might not have enough to eat this Thanksgiving. This campaign demonstrates how the brand wants to care for their customers, which is something many consumers are looking for right now. 84 percent of consumers said they want to see brands contributing to society and 80 percent of consumers want to show empathy. However, it is also promoting their mobile app because to access the promotion they must either download their app or use their new browser extension version. Insure Your Thanksgiving Meal I am by no means a professional chef. So when it comes to making a meal for Thanksgiving I usually defer the cooking to those who know their way around the kitchen to avoid ruining thanksgiving with a botched meal. But, not this year. Some brands have recognized this struggle many of us feel, and have created Thanksgiving Insurance. Whole Foods has partnered with Progressive to offer a “Turkey Protection Plan”. This plan will allow those who bought a turkey from Whole Foods and it didn’t turn out the way they planned to file a claim, explain what went wrong, snap a picture, and submit it. The first 1,000 people to submit a claim will receive a $35 gift card. Campbell Soup is also offering something similar. The popular soup company is partnering with Instacart and will be offering insurance on all side dish ingredients ordered through Instacart mobile app. If something goes awry along the way, you can submit a claim through Instacart and a Campbell Soup ghost kitchen will prepare and deliver a replacement dish. Thanks to these mobile insurance programs, everyone can now cook with confidence this Thanksgiving. White Castle Makes Virtual Thanksgiving Fun White Castle’s thanksgiving campaign has two main goals: encourage consumers to make their stuffing recipe include White Castle sliders and encourage consumers to stay home and safe by doing a virtual Thanksgiving or celebrating with a small group. In doing this the fast-food chain is partnering with Grammy-award-winning artist Coolio and social media influencer Tim Chantarangsu. Coolio will be hosting a web series showing everyone how to make the White Castle stuffing. Chantarangsu will also be posting videos on YouTube encouraging viewers to post how they have adapted their Thanksgiving to make it safe by using the hashtag #WhiteCastleFriendsgiving. They are also hoping this campaign will bridge the gap between Gen Zers and older consumers by playing up the nostalgia of Coolio and including social media influencers. While this won’t be a Thanksgiving like we are used to, brands are doing what they can to make sure the day is still memorable. Whether it be offering free meals, reducing the cooking anxiety for all of our new thanksgiving day chefs out there, or encouraging everyone to celebrate safely.

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