Is Product Registration Worth It?

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by Eli Merrell | Last Updated: Apr 25, 2023

What Does It Mean to Register a Product?

Registering products with the manufacturer is a way of letting the company know who you are, what you purchased, when it was purchased, and the serial number on the product. This is important information for the manufacturer to have so when you reach out to their support staff with questions they can quickly and easily see your information and solve the problem at hand. It is also a great way for the manufacturer to gather the all-important zero-party data.  Product registration is often connected to warranty registration. Many times customers need to register their product to see the full benefit of the warranty. There are a few different ways companies prompt their customers to register products. The first is a product registration card found in the product’s packaging. This is a small printed card that the consumer will need to mail into the manufacturer to complete registration. Oftentimes it does not require postage. The second-way manufacturers prompt users is with product registration online. Some companies include a printed card in the packaging pointing consumers to a  page on their website to register their products. Typically there is one primary product registration form for all products. Both of these options work but they do create a few hurdles for the customer to jump over. The printed option requires consumers to mail the printed card thus adding another errand on to their to-do list. Oftentimes the card never makes it to the mailbox. The second option requires consumers to navigate to a website and complete the form. Between making the purchase, installing and beginning to use the product, remembering to register it through this process can easily slip through the cracks. Giving customers a click path to follow and not a direct link opens them to the distractions of the internet and other features on your website. Don’t let customers get lost in a sea of links. A third option for product registration is with a QR code linking the users to a product-specific registration digital experience. The QR code can live directly on the product or the product packaging making it easy to find. Users can scan the QR code and immediately register their product in a matter of minutes. Customers no longer need to sort through links or remember to make a trip to the mailbox, a few clicks and the registration is done. Some companies make it even easier by embedding the product type and serial number in the QR code so this information is automatically populated in the form; one less step for your consumers. A step in the right direction of building a positive customer experience.

Is Product Registration Worth It?

The simple answer to this question is yes, product registration is worth it. By taking the time to register your product you are opening the door to better service, more detailed information and product updates. After registering your product your information is added into the customer database. From there you can receive information from the manufacturer. Updates including recalls and safety notices. You can receive important notices to keep yourself safe. Manufacturers also share product onboarding information like how-to videos and owner’s manuals. These resources make using the product easier which in turn makes your life easier. Don’t miss out on time-saving tips. Manufacturers are able to provide better customer support to consumers who have registered their products. Once you’ve registered your product this information is saved and quickly called upon when you reach out for help. Cut time spent talking to a support team member in half by giving them the information they need from the beginning. Registering your product also opts you in to receive special promotional offers from the manufacturer. Next time a project pops up you already have offers in your inbox ready to help you tackle it.

What Is a Warranty Registration?

Warranty registration is a way for consumers to activate their product's warranty. A warranty is a promise the manufacturer will repair or replace the product if necessary for a specific period of time. By registering the warranty the customer is providing key information to the manufacturer which can be helpful down the road. Don’t miss out on this resource because you forgot to complete a form. Some warranties must have a completed registration in order for it to take effect; others happen automatically. When a warranty needs to be registered it can happen in a number of ways, just like product registration. Manufacturers can use warranty registration cards, an online process, or a digital experience activated via a QR code.

Is Product Registration the Same as Warranty Registration?

Product registration and warranty registration can either be two separate processes or one singular process. Oftentimes manufacturers will combine warranty registration with new product registration to streamline the process for the consumer. Making the registration process easier for consumers should be top of mind for all marketers in the manufacturing space. If the process is easy, the consumer is more likely to complete it. Learn how to build product registration digital experiences fast!

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